GRAHAM: 'This is the Most Unethical Sham Since I've Been in Politics'

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Sen. Lindsey Graham exploded on his congressional colleagues Thursday; saying the Democrats are on an all-out mission to “destroy this guy’s life” and called the proceedings the “most unethical scam” since he’s been in politics.

"What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020… This is the most unethical scam since I’ve been in politics,” said the Senator.

Cicero said, " A country can survive it’s fools, and even it’s ambitious ones, but it cannot survive treason from within". Stop calling them globalists, they are “treasonists”. You let them change the label of liberal to “progressive”, and killing to “pro-choice”. Aren’t you suspicious of why they so willingly embraced the label “globalist” before the one with more dire consequences, “treasonist” could get traction ?
It’s treason in every definition of the word(see Webster’s). They don’t have Trump derangement syndrome, but they will gladly accept that label if it keeps you from catching on to what they’re trying to put over on you. They are the devil’s children of the world (Matt. chapter 13, verses 37-39) trying to gather all of their brothers and sisters of world together under a world wide government in an attempt to hold off God’s wrath through safety in numbers. They can’t accomplish it through popular votes and so they call anyone who stands in their way a “populists”. One of the greatest speed controls built into our constitution is the right to “keep and bear arms”. Why do you thing every time a kid got shot in the eye with a squirt gun Obama whined about gun control ?

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Wow! That’s a lot of whining.

I couldn’t have agreed more with Lindsay Graham yesterday…he nailed it. He was exactly right and I thank him for speaking for millions of us who are sick and tired of the kooks on the left running over common sense and common decency.

I ve been wondering for a long time when the good decent normal people of the country would rise up and say enough to the kook fringe left…

Yesterday Lindsay Graham stood up for all of us and I thank him!

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The most telling moment of the day yesterday…right after Senator Graham’s brilliant beat down of the kook fringe lefties…

That idiot Senator Whitehouse follows up by asking a guy with more than 300 published opinions as one of the most well recognized judges in the country with a line of questions about farts in a high school yearbook.

What a great learning moment…

Thank you Senator Graham. If the nuthin left had an ounce of character it would be embarrassed.

Poor, poor put upon Trumplicans.


Those kookie fringe lefties are trampling all over decency and normalcy and questioning the moral character of a man accused of drunken sexual assault, a man appointed by the least normal president we have likely ever had. Kavanaugh was appointed by a man-child president, a president of questionable character, a president who has been a womanizer, a self admitted sexual predator and admitted serial sexual abuser.

Graham’s unhinged screed appealed to those American people who are scared. Scared that they are losing grip on the happy, cozy, priveledged America they have known and loved.

You’re entitled to your opinion. What you call an unhinged screed I see as something that was long overdue. This circus has been an embarrassment to the entire country, certainly to the Senate. From the convenient timing of just happening to leak Dr. Ford’s information after the fact, why exactly was DiFi helping her find a lawyer before anything happened with Kavanaugh, why didn’t DiFi bring any of this up prior to 72 hours before the committee was supposed to vote? Anyone who does not see this entire sick episode for the politically motivated sham that it was probably can’t cut their own food.

There was nothing unhinged about Senator Graham’s comments. It’s about time somebody put the kookfringe left in it’s place.

Sometimes you have to say it like it is and you are pretty much spot on!:+1:

Graham was on fire and he appears to be “I’ve had enough” changed man! :wink:

Seriously, just 3 months ago would you have ever thought it would be Lindsey Graham that would be one of the few adults in the room saying what MOST of Americans feel! I hope he is sincere in his actions. Due to all the backstabbing, spies, lies and down right treasonous behavior, it makes me question the motives of EVERYONE!

When Barrack Hussein Obama was elected, I asked myself, how could someone with this name be elected President of the United States of America after 9/11. BUT I told myself, the members of Congress are smarter than me and they would never allow him to hurt America, BOY WAS I WRONG!

There is 535 members in congress. 2 senators from every state plus 435 representatives. Can you believe only 535 people MAKE & RULE on the laws WE THE PEOPLE must follow and if California is any indication of where this is heading, we should all be very scared.

It is up to We The People to help President Trump put America back on course. He is only ONE MAN and we MUST do our part. We only have him for a very short time and if you listen to Democrats, we don’t have him for much longer as they are doing everything in their power to remove the VERY MAN WE ELECTED TO STOP APOLOGIZING AND START REBUILDING THIS COUNTRY.

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Agree completely. Obama destroyed America, and now liberals are doing their darnedest to prevent Trump from putting it back together brick by brick.

Trump will literally pick up a brick, and Dianne Feinstein will literally knock it out of his hand. If that’s not treason, then I don’t know the definition of treason.

Sure, sometimes she knocks a seven iron out of his hand, but you can’t build Rome in a day. Apparently you can’t rebuild Cleveland in 20 months, either, but who would want to? Let’s start with the cities where real Americans live.

I look out my window and see nothing but rubble, but I’m sure Trump is coming to my town soon.

I hope Home Depot is ready for him.