GRAHAM SLAM: Lindsey Graham Vows to ‘Get Answers’ on FISA Abuse, Steele Dossier, MORE | Sean Hannity

Sen. Lindsey Graham pledged to “get answers” for the American people Monday on allegations of FISA abuse at the Department of Justice; saying the nationwide scandal would make “front-page” news if the “shoe were on the other foot.”

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I want to see Killary and all the rest swinging from nooses like she promised. When she goes down she will take half of DC with her. Good times.

I had little use for Graham and then he grew a set in the Kavanaugh hearings. I am one who is given to tilting at windmills; I admit that; but to this day I do not understand why Trump has not gone after the proven mis-deeds of the Obama reign of terror. Perhaps he is hoping to get re-elected and then will unleash the big guns. These violent left-wingers have accused Trump of the most serious evil including treason. We know that McCabe, Comey, Lynch, Rice, Clinton committed felony offenses, yet nothing has been done…at all…except McCabe.

Go get-em Lindsay. I appreciate that between you and Tom Fitton some of these truly vile people will get to meet Bubba in prison.

Lindsey has a lot in common with a bulldog at times. We have needed to have these things investigated for a long time but Holder and Lynch spent all their time protecting Obama and Hillary and Jeff Sessions was too feckless and incompetent. Maybe, with Bill Barr, the DOJ will finally act when Grahams’ committee makes its referrals instead of ignoring them.

Uhh, wut?