GRAHAM SLAM: Lindsey Graham ‘RESUMES’ FISA Abuse Probe, Demands Docs Related to ‘Steele Dossier’

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Sen. Lindsey Graham is poised to resume the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation into allegations of FISA warrant abuse related to the now-debunked ‘Steele Dossier’ and the Trump administration during the 2016 presidential election.

Graham fired-off a letter to recently-confirmed Attorney General William Barr this week; asking for material that would shed more light on how DOJ officials attempted to verify the dossier before its use in the FISA courts.

“The Committee is concerned that the Woods procedures and a full presentment of material and relevant facts may not have occurred with regard to the applications for FISA warrants for (and the opening of the underlying investigations on) Carter Page and other individuals associated with the presidential campaign of Donald Trump,” Graham wrote.

Graham has issued a March 21 deadline to receive the material.

Read Graham’s full letter here.