Graham requesting interview of DOJ officials

As part of his probe into the Trump/ Russia fraud. I expect that many occurrences of wrong doing will be discovered but none will be considered to be criminal. And no charges filed. And the same with the A.G. report, if and when it EVER concludes. Anybody else have a different prediction?

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Bill on his way out?
Lindsey auditioning?

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Wow. Trump supporters are bringing out all the knives. Too bad they support the biggest crook / corrupt ■■■■■■ of them all.

They might even start preaching family values again soon if a homosexual gets the nomination. It already triggers some.


graham’s been talking a lot.

Doing nothing.

Expect more of the same.

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He’s following the Trumpian Doctrine

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You really got him now.

what does a homosexual candidate have to do with this?

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It worked so well for Jeff, why not?

If he’s a crook, maybe you should charge him with a crime? Eh? :thinking:

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If he does get the nomination, your bigger problem may be convincing minorities to vote for him. Rumor has it, some may not.

Some fine New York steel will be waiting February 2020 I imagine

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What crime was that again? I didn’t catch it.

Why do you think trump is asking New York to stop the investigations. When your lawyers consistently go around saying the president when in office cant be charged or investigated for a crime. Guess what you’ve committed a crime

Hasn’t this already been looked at by Horowitz? Its up to Barr to make changes now. This is like the House looking at aspects of the Mueller report. The work has been done…now its time for the politicians to try to use it politically.
At this point I’m more interested in what the Durham report will say.

Psst, it’s already February 2020.

Durham’s investigation went criminal over a month ago so you’d expect that there will be charges but…everything over the last 40 years I’ve been paying attention concludes, nothing will happen to anyone that’s connected.

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These sick traitors will be made examples off!


That is the pattern.

Throw out some some hope and then nothing happens.


We’ve been watching for over 3 years now. Still waiting.

But, yeah, any minute now.

Wheres Q? Its Q plus 306 now.