GRAHAM ON HANNITY: Democrats Oppose Border Wall ‘Because They Want Trump to Fail’ | Sean Hannity

Sen. Lindsey Graham stopped by ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night to weigh-in on the partial government shutdown; saying Democrats “refuse to give a dime” to President Trump simply “because they want him to fail.”

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Why hasn’t McConnell been taken to task? Didn’t he tell Trump, “Wait until after the mid-terms and we’ll get funding for the wall?” Why didn’t McConnell use the nuclear option?

I hope that Graham continues to have a spine and will whip the entire Republican group into one group. Romney IS a Dim from MA that got elected by lying. We DON’T need that type of representation.

I hope Graham keeps asking the question publicly, “Does this help the American citizens? Does this help Americans raise their families and pay their bills?”

I hope Graham keeps up the fight.

Fox News Comments between Wallace and Sarah Huckabee Illegal come to this country by plane is very true. Data base on the people arriving to this country will be on record, Caravan with illegal immigrants forcing entry to this country and no data base on illegal children which are used to shield for entry by illegal immigrants. illegal children cannot be brought by plane there is a policy in place. Airline scrutinize proper documentation when bringing a children here in the USA without proper documentation. Some they swim to shore to come to this country.Border security is required any in any country under the planet.