GRAHAM ON HANNITY: Democrat Civil War Will Help GOP Re-Take the House, Liberal Agenda Now ‘INSANE’

Originally published at: GRAHAM ON HANNITY: Democrat Civil War Will Help GOP Re-Take the House, Liberal Agenda Now ‘INSANE’ | Sean Hannity

Senator Lindsey Graham stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Thursday night to weigh-in on the civil war taking place in the Democratic Party; saying their new immigration proposals of open borders and free healthcare are “insane.”

“What does this really mean? I think Republicans are more likely to take back the House because of this breakdown. There are 31 Democrats that hold Congressional seats where President Trump won their district. What does it mean to these 31?” asked Graham.

“If you cross AOC you’re going to get a primary, if you go with them, you’re going to lose in the general election. The biggest beneficiary to this is the Republican Party… This is insane,” he added.

Graham was referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent proposal -supported by nearly all Democratic presidential hopefuls- that the US “decriminalize” illegal border crossings.

“Entering the country without authorization has always been a violation of civil immigration law, but thanks to a former segregationist Senator, it’s also a criminal violation. This additional criminal provision is totally unnecessary for border security, and for a century, it was rarely enforced. But since the early 2000s, it has been used to build and sustain a massive immigration detention complex,” writes Warren in an op-ed published by Medium.

“In 2016, over half of all federal criminal prosecutions were for immigration violations — more than prosecutions for terrorism, organized crime, hate crimes, or financial fraud. This obsessive focus ties up federal prosecutors and overwhelms federal courts. It’s costly and unnecessary. And under Trump, it has become increasingly abusive,” she adds.

“We should repeal this criminal prohibition to prevent future abuse. As president, I will immediately issue guidance to end criminal prosecutions for simple administrative immigration violations; end Operation Streamline, which subjects migrants to mass prosecutions; and refocus our limited resources on actual criminals and real threats to the United States,” Warren concludes.

Warren toured an immigration detention center days ago; criticizing the Trump administration’s policy but failing to mention the complex was opened by the Obama White House in 2015/

“What is happening at Homestead to children, what is happening is a direct result of activities of the United States government. It’s wrong. It’s a stain on our country and we must speak out. We speak out as a people, we speak out as moral citizens, not just of the United States but of the world,” said Warren.

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