GRAHAM ON FIRE: Sen. Graham Says Ocasio-Cortez ‘Hell Bent’ on Turning US into ‘Venezuela’ | Sean Hannity

Sen. Lindsey Graham escalated his war-of-words with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thursday; saying the Democratic-Socialist would like to spend America’s “last 12 years as Venezuelan socialists.”

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The problem with Socialists like AOC is they always believe they can do it better. They keep living up to the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

Socialized medical care? How’s that working out for the vets in the V.A. system? I’d also bet Charlie Gard’s parents would say different.

She is a vessel for Soros. She went to live with her parents after graduating from college. She worked for Sanders campaign. She worked as a waitress and tended bar. She has no qualifications for being a congresswoman. She has written nothing, done nothing, accomplished nothing and yet, she beat someone out for this office.

She is a cheerleader for bringing America to it’s knees and if a jackass like this who brays everyday is what the Left has to offer in 2020 , they can dig their grave because they have a foot in it right now.

Free People cannot be dragged into Socialism and when 2020 comes the debates will be on this very subject.

Braying jackass (AOC) only got elected (appointed I believe was her word) only got the political nod because stupid millennials only vote on social media popularity.
Her healthcare for all should be an option. When signed up the IRS needs to be notified of the sign up so their paychecks can be taxed at the needed 90% rate. After they leave the program let them be taxed at 90% until they pay off their share of the costs plus the incurred medical bills. Congress needs to buy into this plan also if they want it.
If a personally costly bill is on the Senators constituents and the Senator doesn’t use it (AOC’s Healthcare for ex.) then the constituents will be angry for sure and that Senator will be out in the next election cycle I’d bet. Oh hold up on that… most are stupid millennials who only vote on social media popularity, not the real issues affecting them. That makes my day in a case like this!

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I know what would be great for all these career and clueless lawmakers. Term limits two terms in the house and one term of four years in the Senate. NO RETIREMENT! The forefathers of our country never dreamed anyone would want to be a career politician so they never approached a solution. Well the solution is term limits and we need it immediately NO CAREER POLITICIANS they get richer and power hungary instead of looking out for the citizens of this country. Look at Pelosi, Schummer, Waters, and there are hundreds more that are going to get $170,000.00 plus a year retirement for doing more damage than good. Lets show Ocasio that she is not going to screw our country she has two terms and out and by the way the cannot go from one house to the other.

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I still couldn’t fathom how on earth can someone elected her? I sure hope she’ll only get one term and will never appointed for second, Otherwise, it’s going to get uglier.

How to stop government shutdowns! Give the pay to the workers and take it from the politicians. They are not doing their job so why should they get paid and the federal workers, who will eventually get all their funds with extended vacations. That is wrong we will never have another government shutdown if the politicians do not get paid.

I don’t want her to have two terms because that’s too much for this insane Socialist to do damage to the United States. She needs to be put out now and they should find out if her district has a lot of illegals that voted for who are not U. S. citizens. If so, they better put a strong hold on who is voting and who is sneaking in illegally to get these socialist nitwits elected. The same holds true for crooked Cuomo and DeBlasio. Two of the worst people to run New York. They won’t be satisfied until they collapse New York and turn it into a cesspool which is well on the way to happening. Just as California who is now a stinking cesspool.

AOC appears to be on her way to being “Christened” the gaff machine for the Dems. “Uncle Joe” you’ve been relieved of your duties. Go back, examine these “coveted” ninny statements declared , 95% are either lies or ludicrous within 5% of any definition of reason.
Of course she can spew the latest Marxist rhetoric rant of the day. The trick happens to be getting past the Senate, not to mention Prez.

I am not American citizen, but I do follow carefully the American politics. I would like to draw the American people attention to the new rampant “Neo- International Communism” in the USA. This can be seen and felt through the language and some social policies proposed by “socialists-for-now” as A. Ocasio-Lopez, Ratshida Tlaib, B.Sanders, Corey and many others, even feminists who are no more feminists but something else, all probably financed by still unknown world power. So, again, be careful!!!

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The average American citizen either cringes at the word “Communism”, or immediately gets this look on their face of first astonishment, then a wild what are you suggesting moment. The thought is simply incredulous for too many.
Personally I get a real charge out of these TV cable hosts using the word socialism, marxism but never commie or communism, except one, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. A Czech acquaintance declared to me in direct manner, " Say it damn it, say it, Communism ! You complacent Americans blessed with your freedoms better wake up or you will lose it all. He looked me in the eye in a serious tone he directed, Take a quiet, good look around, you will see. And 10 years later.