GRAHAM ON FIRE: Graham Says Trump ‘Sticking to his GUNS’ on Border Wall, Slams ‘Liberal Arrogance’ | Sean Hannity

Senator Lindsey Graham praised President Trump’s fiery exchange with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer this week; saying the Commander-in-Chief was “sticking to his guns” on border security.

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Well My Goodness Mabel, the Graham boy that use to cut our grass is really making a name for him in the Senate.
Now Mabel, you know darn well that boy was like a chameleon. Everytime we paid him he was back the next day blowing mailboxes up with M80s, and then had the Gooseberries to go up and down the street asking folks if they needed their mailboxes repaired.
What happens when the government closes George, after all you worked for them for a spell.
Well, Mabel they actually get a bit more efficient and come down to the size they were during after the big war, WW11.
People had sense back then Mabel where there was no need for 40 thousand people working for the Dept of Education, and I’m not real sure we even had one back then.
Well, Do the soldiers work?
Oh Yes Ma’am, but think they might be busy rounding up all those thieving Clinton’s and their Saul Alinsky comrades peppered all around this good country. I think some got a personal invite at George H. funeral last week, as Jeb looked like he swallowed a Toad, and I broke a rib a laughing.
I tell you Mabel, I just watched it cause I was convinced that George W. was going to burst into a flame the moment he walked through the front door of that church.
Jeez, I thought the casket would shoot down the aisle like one of those Force funny cars.
I sure ain’t got the Bible memorized, but I do know Psalm 1:1
“Blessed be the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers.”
George, I’m surely taken back that you can quote the Bible, as all you do in church is pick your nose.
Mabel, I’m near 97 and fought in the big war WW11, and I saw a lot of ugly and witnessed evilness like few have seen the like of, and was so thankful when I got back home.
I saw my friends die for a country that today’s youngsters have not known, and when I see these traitors like that Clinton woman and her oversexed husband and the bunch of them try and change it, Well, I tear up.
Sen. Lindsey Graham is a God fearing man and I’m glad to see him stepping up when the country needs him. He served in the Air Force and now he is fighting for our country’s soul.
Say what you want, but Trump is a decent fella and him and that Graham boy are not where they are today by accident. God Almighty put them there and I might not see it Mabel, but God sure ain’t finished with the greatest country this world has ever seen, and it might be nice if complacent Americans go to Arlington and listen to the wind caress those white crosses and the wind receives no answer.
Every single cross means someone’s family got a knock on their front door and unlike the wind, they answered the door to find out their child had given all he had, to save a country that’s surely worth a saving.
George, your crying honey. Oh, it’s OK honey, I just love this country so.

The President offered the Democrats more than what they demanded for DACA last year and the Democrats said no. Yet everyone ignored it during this year’s elections. The Dems are now trumpeting a government shutdown yet the majority of the government is fully funded thru next year. Only a few agencies would be affected like Homeland Security, but most of their personnel are ‘essential’. The ones most affected would probably be the immigration judges and those reviewing asylum applications along the border but hey, that’s okay with the Democrats.