Graham invites Giuliani to testify in Senate: Will he accept?

Come on Rudy, appear before the committee and testify… share all your Biden info


Would love to see him do it.


I don’t think waving around random sheets he grabbed off the printer or pointing to texts on his phone will work in Congress.

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It would be a fun thing to watch.

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Yes because they will softball him

He can’t even keep his stories straight on Fox, lol. Kamala Harris say she has questions for him.

Come on Rudy… Let’s get your “truth” out there…

He won’t do it.

If he answered any questions from his “side”, he wouldn’t be able to claim privilege when asked questions by the Dems on the Committee.

Kamala chomping at the bit.

Rudy, do you swear to sincerely and truly declare and affirm that you will tell the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth?



Are you kidding? The trump “followers” will make his papers part of their holy text.

Lindsey G. is now going…“Ruh Roooooh! What have I started?”

C’mon Rudy, you can do it!

Yes, he will accept.

No, not really. He could try, but he would have no real legal standing to do so.

Sorry I deleted my post as yours was already an answer.


He wont do it.

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Exactly. This is Lindsey struttin’ and preenin’ for the cameras. There’s no way he brings Rudy in for questions from both sides of the aisle.