GOWDY UNCHAINED: Trey Gowdy UNLOADS on Comey’s ‘WATERED-DOWN’ Probe | Sean Hannity

Rep. Trey Gowdy didn’t hold back while commenting on former FBI chief James Comey’s ‘watered-down’ investigation of Hillary Clinton this week, blasting the botched probe for “prejudging” Hillary’s fate ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

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NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO CLINTON—NEVER HAS NEVER WILL. I was assigned to protect CIA and Army Intel hall of fame member col paul lutjens—WE WERE TOLD WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO US IF WE VIOLATED ANYTHING ON CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS----but to have a judge order her emails and she deletes them and destroys all evidence on her computer and cell phones and nothing??? REALLY WANTS US TO BELIEVE IN THE AMERICAN SYSTEM.

I was assigned as body guard to special agent and former FBI and CIA operative Joe “Bagabones” Delucci. We were breifed in our briefs which is very alarming.