GOWDY GOES OFF: Trey Says ‘NO EVIDENCE’ Trump Colluded, Schiff ‘Would Have Leaked It’ | Sean Hannity

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy utterly unloaded on the never-ending Russia investigation over the weekend, saying he has seen “no evidence” the Trump administration “colluded” with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election.

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Ok - I’m glad to hear Trey weigh in! BUT - WHY does Trey Gowdy obstruct Devin Nunes’ committee when it comes to IMPEACHING rod rosenstein? I’m sooooo frustrated! rosenstein should have been IMPEACHED or FIRED YESTERDAY! Trey Gowdy impeded Congress’s efforts to do so! I’ve lost faith in Gowdy!

I, too am totally frustrated by Mueller, Rosenstein, Wray, and Sessions. Why isn’t Rosenstein goen? How does anyone feel Wray is any better as Director of the FBI? And what has Sessions been doing besides nothing much? We need to move forward! I wish Trump would declassify eberything so the people can see, once and for all, what is really behind all of this.

Read for content. You used “Schiff” instead of Gowdy in the second paragraph beginning.

I Agree With Trey Gowdy Except For 1 Thing. He Said These People Are Yesterday And Trump Needs To Move On Because He Has “HIS” People In Position. HIS PEOPLE? You Mean People Like AG Jeff Sessions Who Stabbed Trump In The Back! I Don’t Blame Trump For His Lack Of Trust. Then From My State We Have LIARS Like Flake And Songbird McCain Who Are Just As Evil and Stupid As The Brain Dead Democrats. In The End The GOOD Will Beat The EVIL, It Always Does. The RED WAVE Is Coming!!!

Longest book title ever.

I can’t put a lot of stock in what Gowdy has to say anymore the way he seems to straddle the fence at times. One day he sounds like he is headed to the Oval Office, and a day or two later he’s straddling the fence again.

One minute you lot love Howdy then the next minute he’s a swamp creature. Please pick a side.

The great thing about being a American citizen and not recognizing a political party is I don’t have to pick a side. No where in my post did I say I loved Gowdy or called him a swamp creature, my problem with him is what you stated, Gowdys who needs to pick a side. My problem is with Trump worrying about political fallout if he fires these goons then he’s not the candidate I voted for.

Which has lasted longer, Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation of the Meuller investigation?

And so many are criticizing Trump for not having faith in our Intelligence Agencies? I’m criticizing him for not getting rid of all those involved and prosecuting them.