Governor of Puerto Rico Endorses Trump/Pence For 2020, Calls on Puerto Ricans To Vote Trump

Smart move.

Everyone should jump on the Trump Train now and make it the most MASSIVE Historic, wave election in history.

Forget the media and their puppet dimocrats.

Go big. GO HUGE!!!


  1. Unelected lame duck governor

  2. How many pr electoral votes?


The Trump train is leaving Puerto Rico…“ALL ABOARD!!!:sunglasses:

Wait, what? I didn’t think Puerto Rican’s could vote in the presidential election.

Well, they can, if they reside in the US.

He has an autographed role of paper towels in a display case in his office.

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Gov. Wanda Vazquez Garced is a woman.

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Meh. Unelected, and already voted out. She won’t be Governor for much longer.

She’s talking to the mainlanders.

Awesome. See, PR is in play. Can we expect your support to make it a state??