Government Shutdown vs State of the Union


So what is the over under? Will the shutdown still be in effect when Trump delivers the State of the Union before Congress?

If so how will it affect his speech then?

The shutdown will be over in two weeks or less…

Senate Republicans who are up for re-election in 2020 are almost ready to get into the lifeboats. I give it a week before they are filled.

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But the OP poses an interesting question. If the shutdown was still in effect at the time of the SOTU speech would it still go ahead?

Dumpster Donnie isn’t about to let anything interfere with his ability to give a speech in front of a crowd where at least part of the audience will be giving him a standing ovation every 15 seconds.

It doesn’t matter that the rest of the crowd will be sitting there with their arms folded doing occasional facepalms. He wants his adulation - no matter what the cost.

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I feel like instead of “Hail To The Chief” playing when Trump walks in they should be playing “Yakety Sax”. Basically “Yakety Sax” should play anytime Trump makes an appearance.


By next week when folks are not getting paid and some major support programs go on hold, a whole lot of folks in Congress will be getting nasty calls. At that point the Republicans will begin to abandon Trump. And without their support he folds.

If the shutdown continues I think Trump should cancel the State of the Union. That’s his best option.

He won’t. He is too big of an idiot for that.

He’s gonna have to snort some long-acting Adderall for the State of the Union if he hopes to get through it without his nose starting to run.

He barely made it through a ten-minute address.

will he get the longest shutdown ever award though? shut down while controlling congress and the WH…awesome