Government shutdown = no early tax refunds

This is going to be another political lever that will be more and more important, as lower and working class individuals rely on tax refunds more than any other group.

We’ll see if Trump’s “I care about the little guy” schtick will hold up when people aren’t getting their refund checks.

But I’ve been told the partial shut down doesn’t effect anyone but the people furloughed or working without pay. So this cannot be true.

Nobody is going to notice.

Sucks for you guys. lol

Laughing at the misfortunes of fellow Americans. Fascinating.

Some people prefer to virtue signal. lol

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Actually, this works in favor of the Republicans. With new tax tables applied to existing withholding, most tax experts are expecting many fewer people will receive refunds this year than in past years… so the real shock is not the delay, but the ways in which the 2017 Republican tax bill has shifted tax burdens from wealthier individuals and corporations to middle and blue collar tax payers.

One can expect a lot of unhappy people come April 15th.

The tax bill was the one clear legislative success of the first two years of the Trump Administration and it was very telling that almost no Republican campaigned on it as an accomplishment in 2018.


And others actually care about their fellow Americans. Some of us actually love our brothers and sisters. You can deride it as virtue signaling all you want. You clearly need to in order to feel better about your callousness towards others. That’s fine. Deride away. I want you to feel better about yourself.

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Virtue signalling does not equal caring for fellow Americans. All it does is make someone feel good about themselves.

I prefer to be honest about the fact that you don’t matter to me. :wink:

Good. Let’s get immigration and border security done for a change.


I agree. Which is why my love for fellow Americans is not virtue signaling.

I know I don’t matter to you. You already laughed at your fellow Americans for their potential misfortunes. You’ve made clear how you feel about anyone other than yourself. Lol

The House passed legislation that was unanimously approved by the Senate two weeks ago that addresses border security to the tune of another $1.3B in addition to the $1.6B already provided for border security. Of which only 10% has been spent. Are you wanting the Senate to also pass this legislation?

Won’t matter.

President Trump is holding firm on barrier funding at least twice as much as those figures.


But they don’t know that yet.

There are many people on this very board who still think they are getting a tax break because their paychecks went up. I’m pretty sure none of them did the new withholding calculator last January.

So, first they will be fuming they aren’t getting their refund because of the shut down and then they will be fuming when the discover they owe the IRS.

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So you don’t actually care about this issue. Fascinating. Lol

Not many care about the fractional federal shutdown.

MANY care about open borders and drug and human trafficking across the souther border.

I know…I know…fascinating stuff.


Wow, dems are so mean. Holding up people’s tax returns for a few billion, just because they want open borders…

And the large majority understand that building a stupid wall does nothing to address those concerns many care about.

Someone thinks they are Spock…lol!

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The Democrats passed legislation to open the government. The same legislation that was already approved by the Senate. The ball is now with the Republicans. And yes, the Republicans are heartless bastards that don’t give a rip that their pettiness and ineffectual inability to govern will hurt average Americans.