Government shutdown. Does anybody really care?

That’s not guaranteed. Has to be approved.

They don’t get back pay? They actually lose money on the deal? Can provide info to support this?

Of course that’s true.

And history bears out that it’s always approved.

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Only politicians care, greedy leaches.

Government workers like the military? The military has to work , but doesn’t get paid. “They have to go to work. They will go to work. They will be continuing to guard the country and do the necessary and important work that they’re doing. But they have no guarantee of getting paid. And that’s not right,” added Mulvaney.

The president, presidential appointees and members of Congress are exempt- they get paid. People expecting VA benefits, unemployment benefits, farm subsidies and tax refunds may experience delays.

The military will be fine.

Unless they have to pay monthly bills.

Don’t panic. This has happened many times before and the predictions of tragedy never played out Relax.

Don’t worry. There’s lots of payday loan vendors right outside military bases to “take care” of them.

Usury used to be a thing…

Don’t panic. This has happened many times before and the predictions of tragedy never played out Relax.

If it happens the Democrats need to rename it from a government shutdown to a “Government Trumpdown”.

I’m totally calm. BP my normal 105/70 and resting pulse at about 70 I’m exactly as excited as Stormy with a naked Donald Trump.


I like!!!

Regardless of wall or no wall there is a tax list a mile long I’m sure most of us could look at and think why in the world am I paying taxes on this.

I’m sorry Im not seeing the endgame here. Trump has boxed himself in a corner. No way in Hell the House, let alone 60 senators, are gonna vote for a wall in exchange for a continuing resolution.

How long before Trunp caves?

The funny part is Pelosi has tied the wall to his manhood. If he caves a woman is gonna make Trump look like a cuck.

Extra popcorn ordered for this month.


I would love to see them send on a continuing resolution, the President veto it and that veto get overridden

Not likely to happen but That would make me laugh.

Nah Trump will cave. It would be smarter for him if he did it quickly. But you are right that the House will pass a clean CR when they take office. The GOP senate is hating Trump right now.

It’s kind of funny actually.

Trump, ca. 2015: I"m gonna build a yuuuuuuge wall make Mexico pay for it.

Trump, December 2018: If congress doesn’t fund my wall, I’m gonna take my toys home and shut down the government! WAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!


The dude means business! Daddy Trump is loud and angry!!

Individual 1 seriously doesn’t understand the term “equal branches of government.”

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