Government shutdown. Does anybody really care?

Seriously. Who cares? How many times have we “shut down” the government? Ten? Twenty? And the only people who seem to freak out are the politicians and the media nit wits. I could not care less. Shut it down. Bicker away. It didn’t hurt me the last ten times you did it, It won’t hurt me now. Go ahead, make my day.

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I’m with you. Please shut it down. For many Americans our ROI on what we pay into government is very low anyhow. Most Americans won’t even realize it.

It would just help Trump… Go for it.

That information is available.

And I care about the government shutdown. Part of employment is dependent on government contracts. If the government is shut down, I don’t work and I don’t get paid.

The new GOP:


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People not getting paid right before Christmas is gonna help Trump?

Run with that.


Ask and you shall receive:

Anyone who works for or with the federal government cares. Anyone who depends on benefits from the government cares…

And the reason it will shutdown matters as well… why would we shutdown the government over a wall that the taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for?

Speaking of nitwits: Trump promised his fans repeatedly that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. He got his rally attendees to repeat his promise back to him. I wonder what those fans think now about Trump’s threats to shut down the government if they themselves don’t pay for the wall.

It’s Trump’s War on Christmas.

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The media will try to make it seem like those govt workers are so poor, but we all know they will be paid for not working… And then there’s good liberals who will make sure they have full bellies…

As a person who works with the government and has worked through a government shutdown, there are people who will not get paid during a shutdown.

I don’t want you not to get paid. But this crap is always just for show. Both parties bloviate then agree on something a week or two later.

Two weeks of lost income during the holidays that is 100% trump’s fault and could have been avoided if he knew anything at all about negotiating a deal.

I tend to agree. The degree that government workers will get hurt by a shutdown is dependent on how long it lasts. A few days, people can manage. A few weeks, it’s a different story. Ultimately, it shouldn’t be in the interest of the President to shut down the government before a holiday like Christmas, and he certainly shouldn’t be taking credit for any upcoming shutdown.

And the government workers get their pay back anyway.

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At some point, I would be affected too. 100% of my income is from government contracts.

But if it helps the country, I will accept that. That’s the difference between us.

I would bet that nobody loves a shutdown more than “non essential” government workers. Vacation!!!

They don’t get paid.That’s not a vacation.

The difference between us is that you have trust in a con man. The difference is that you believed him when he said Mexico would pay for the wall. The difference is that you didn’t care when he asked for 8.1 billion dollars to build the wall. The difference is that I’m not willing to put my families well being in jeopardy so that a con man can feel proud of himself. That’s the difference.