Government selling Nike!

A former Nike missile base, that is.

I just had to post that headline because the author of an article at Yahoo! Finance felt it necessary to point that out…

Well…considering the state of US education, perhaps it was…

Lots of property worth lots of money going up for sale…I wonder what department of the government is going to get all the proceeds? Hopefully it’ll be shared out between states to upgrade their voting systems to a 21st century secure system.

How does a 21st century secure system of voting differ from pieces of 18 century paper? Ballpoints instead of goose quills?

I was thinking more along the lines of standardized computer systems with touch screens.

Voting registration not affected by gerrymandering.

Voting IDs required - but subsidized for “the poor” so the ACLU would stop whining about it.

Sophisticated stuff like that.

If you had read the article you linked . . .

A portion of the money will go to the agency in charge or last used the buildings with the rest to the general fund.

The federal agencies that own the properties are incentivized to sell its real estate because they become eligible to receive some profits from the sale of a property after six years. The property sale is administered by the GSA and money earned from the sale will go into the U.S. Treasury’s General Fund.

So no funds will be going to the state’s the buildings are in. In theory the states/local counties/cities will get a little extra property tax (and possibly income tax) as the result of the buildings no longer sitting empty or partially used and now on the tax rolls again.

I fully support this and it shouldn’t take years to get the buildings/property on the market.

I read it.

I know where they say the money is going to go…I’m curious as to where it’s really going to go.

So you don’t beleive that the majority of it will just go to general fund for the regual budget?

The amount that goes back to the agency that had use of the property will probably go for a backlog of things that are unfunded.

This is a standard response to money coming into the government. (At all levels, not just federal.)

“New money?? Let’s find ways to SPEND it!!!”

Some day I hope to see a refreshing change to that paradigm. “New money? Let’'s pay off some debt!”

That’s basically like asking a crackhead to stop smoking crack.