Government insanity. We are surrounded by nit wits

The geniuses in Ohio have decided that the way to improve education is to target teachers aids. They have decided that all of the aids will now need a college degree. There will be no grandfathering. Aids who do not have a degree will be fired. It doesn’t matter if they are great at what the are doing, or have been successful for years. If the aid is sixty two years old and close to retirement? Too bad. You’re fired. They only opportunity to keep your job for those who don’t have a degree is to pass a 90 question test. Some of these ladies have not had to take a test for 30 or 40 years and they are terrified. The test will be given in June. So now, in order to wipe a kids butt, get hit, take a kid to the bus, teach them how to color and use scissors one must have a college degree? And the state is stupid enough to believe that people go to college to learn how to do this? And where are they going to find people who went to college so that they can find an 11 dollar per hour job? And where are they going to find replacements for the thousands of hard working dedicated aids that they are forced to fire? Did they think this through at all?

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I could agree with this, but it’s likely this is just one’s take on the subject.

I can find literally nothing about this on the internet. That being said, to bring this up, right now, as an example of our Government being bonkers, is pretty weird and funny.

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Especially since it would be the Republican government of Ohio that would be making this change.


It sort of depends on the relevancy of the test to the work they do, and how strong a cut off they demand.

I don’t need a link. I don’t know if there is a link. The state doesn’t go to the media every time they make a policy change. My wife has been an aid for 19 years. She was informed of the new policy at work. She took the practice test and passed. It’s not “a take,” I was very specific. Nothing that I said is open to interpretation. It’s either true or it isn’t. Believe what you will.

Hey! Everybody! Ignore all the “Trump instructed Cohen to lie” stories! Look at what I think about what might happen at some point in Ohio state public schools!


Here is the link to Ohio’s current requirements for Educational Aides. -->>

If the legislature has changed something, I didn’t see it on a quick check.

Hey Phaedrus you are incredibly confused. Have you seen any of the threads in this forum lately? Apparently you have not. Pay attention. Nothing that you claim is being ignored has been ignored. Get a grip.

Thanks! As I said, they will have less than two months to replace thousands of para professionals. I have no clue of how they plan to do this. Some of these aids have been working with for years and have a good system going. Some are close to retirement and will have their retirement pulled. It’s a raw deal.

I couldn’t care less. I have no love for the republican party. If you are foolish enough to trust either party , then that is unfortunate. I believe that this change was due to the no child left behind crap. A bi-partsan debacle.

The people who will behaving their retirement pulled out from under them do not believe this is weird or funny. I know many of them, They are scared. They do great work. And they risk being fired for no real reason. Go ahead and laugh if you think it’s funny. It isn’t to real people. And it won’t be funny to the state of Ohio when they cant get college educated people to work for 11 bucks and hour.

You do need a link for most posters to believe it. That holds true to anyone making a claim.

Well I for one am going to have a difficult time becoming outraged about something that isn’t available anywhere on the internet except anecdotally from a stranger.

Speaking of more government insanity: The Speaker of the House in Michigan has invited President Trump to give his SOTU in Michigan. This comes after the voters CLEARLY rejected the GOP in November.

Talk about out of touch…

I do t get the outrage that the government asks for some basic level of competency to have a job. Seems pretty logical to me.

Feel free to start a 4th thread on it.
Or wait a few days until the story is reduced to ashes and try to breath new life into it. There are hundreds of recycled topic attempts to be outraged and offended over. Same old stuff with a new spin three years running.

this is a political discussion forum. We discuss politics here. That doesn’t mean we are outraged and offended - we are just discussing. What did you think this place was for, anyway?

Here is a link. It doesn’t explain how they are going to get people with college to work for these low wages. And of course it makes no exception for people who have been doing this for years. So as I said. They’re fired.

Yes I know. How can somebody without a college degree possibly teach a third grade special needs kid how to color? FIRE HER immediately! Who cares if she is two years away from the retirement she earned? And the world is loaded with people who went to college to earn 11 bucks an hour. Replacing her should be easy.