Government files lawsuit against omarosa

Basically for an ethics violation after she was fired…

Let’s all sit back and get a good laugh at this story given that trump and all the other scandals going on in the government because of him…

Lol I just read this and it said White House ethics attorneys. Its like the punchline to a joke


Remember that line someone here loves to use about seeking revenge on their political enemies but it’s only the libs that do it?

Uh huh

With all of the Trump associates that are now in jail, the administration filing an ethics complaint on anyone is a massive joke.

I believe “weaponized” is the preferred term.

Will we be revisiting all the iterations of filings provided by Jarod?

I’ve seen both…

I will be curious as to how certain posters, who are concerned about this weaponization, react to this news.

There’s a couple of those now.

Since the avatar thread I feel we can openly discuss this

It is being talked about in the open.

I know…

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. :roll_eyes: