Governing by executive order

I’d be fine with them if they were limited to declarations of recognition (heroes, day of mourning, stuff like that.)

EOs have become de rigueur because Congress is dysfunctional and can’t figure out how to take a crap, never mind how to make a law anymore. And that’s a result of putting party over the best interest of the nation. Both parties own that.

Kind of the opposite of that really. A legal EO is nothing more than the President putting his direction of agencies he controls on paper. Which is more rather than less transparent then just calling them into the Oval Office and telling them what to do.

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I don’t have a problem with that, as that type of thing is expected. It’s along the same lines as Congressional type proclamations.

It’s the bypassing of the procedures because you know you can’t get your policy through based on it’s merits is where I have the issue.

Trump made the blueprint.

That is hilarious.


And the court wouldn’t even let him retract Obama’s personal rewrite of our immigration laws, which he did with a pen and a phone.

Trump made the blueprint.


Yeah, that was a pretty clueless statement.

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Actually, W. Bush issued more (2 terms)

Remember when Trump said “I’ve got a pen and a phone!”

Oh wait that was the other guy…

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To be honest the best thing that could happen in a clueless Joe administration would be for the divided Congress to suffer a big giant huge case of gridlock!

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and previously had said he couldn’t do it legally. Then did it anyway. Good times.


#GOPResist booyah

Oh no doubt I think the whole thing should be redesigned. I had previously thought executive orders were for things like naming national parks, not for stuff like trump used it for or Obama did with daca, it has been too powerful of a tool for awhile now.

There is only one executive order on the top of my head I hope Biden don’t rip up, and that is the one that was written to lower the amount of H1B visa workers to the United States as long as he keeps that I would be happy because they are seriously abused in the IT field.

As for illegal immigration the vast majority are against it, and that’s up to the Democrats on how long they wish to stay in power. There has been a massive reduction of illegal immigration if that starts increasing the opposition will only increase to that again and it’s not just Republicans but independents as well it’s very unpopular if one poses the questions in a poll without the word shananagans.

“Do you think illegal immigration should be allowed”. It’s up to like 80% against. They have to start putting things like children in cages and blah blah blah to get a different response. The overall majority of people think illegal immigration should be reduced if not out rught stopped and this pretty much goes to any country in the world if asked.

So, do Executive Orders become evil again now, or do we have to wait for January 20 for that?

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They have always been evil to a certain extent in my book.

I don’t need a date or a person in charge to hold that opinion.

It’s a phased approach

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Damn, that was a stupid statement. Did someone hijack your account?