Governing by executive order

trump made the blueprint.
if the senate wont pass something biden wants then implement it by executive order. trump did it over and over and the GOP just fell in line agreeing with it. the precedent has been set

I expect it. As long as the Biden administration sticks to things that the GOP wouldn’t dare challenge in court, there’s surprisingly a lot he can do with executive orders.

He can delay any austerity measures in social welfare programs as long as he wants. DACA kids should be safe for the next four years. And he can just continue the student loan relief Trump signed late summer.

I don’t expect any budgets to get passed, which means he should have at least as much “emergency” money as Trump had to funnel into pet projects. For example, all the money that went toward the wall can now be targeted at certain states facing revenue shortfalls due to the Covid.

I doubt it. The only EO’s we’re going to see for a while are those rescinding all of the Trump EO’s. It would be a bonus if President Biden rescinded all of the declarations of National Emergency that are currently in existence.

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Awesome. A fiat executive, normalized. That won’t fall into the hands of a Tom Cotton/Kristi Noem Admin any time soon.

:rofl: OK…


“Under our system of government, the president’s authority to issue such orders (or to engage in any other form of unilateral executive action) must come from the Constitution or federal law. Put another way, an executive order can be used to execute a power the commander in chief already has. It can’t be used to give the presidency new powers.

Don’t get your hopes up dude,

I’m going to have to stop you right there…


It wouldn’t be “unpresidented.”

Sign all the EO’s, jail all the dissidents! :rofl:


August 7th, 2020 was the most important day of the Biden administration.

Trump made the blueprint :thinking:

nefarious reasons.

Notice all the blue?
Cumulative number of Executive Orders signed by Barack Obama




Not to mention that libs continually went to court to fight executive orders being overturned.


For EO’s? That would be Obama.


I am not a king…
DACA for everyone!


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You said that with a straight face didn’t you?

Your not thinking this through, every EO can be brought to the Supreme Court if the Senate feels it is overreaching, how would they more than likely rule?

OK, so M’shine’s assertion about the origin of governing by EO is bunk, but the recognition of the trend is quite valid.

And it won’t end any time soon.

I wonder how voters would react to a candidate running on a promise of opposing all use of EOs.

As it stands now, the whipsaw flow of EOs from administration to administration is NOT healthy for this country. Not at all.


I’ve always been against the use of EOs by either party. My position on that has not changed. If your policy is not good enough to pass through the proper way, the option shouldn’t be to say ■■■■ you Congress and the American people, here’s an EO to dictate to you what I want done.