Goverment and democrat party has officially

became one and the same under Obama administration. We can no longer separate those two from one another.

Bureaucracy has become nothing more then democrat operatives that owes their allegiances to powerful authoritarian state that’s intent to circumvent our Constitution and undermine individual liberties that was promised.

So when you’re taking on democrats…you’re also fighting goverment beuracacy.

I didn’t know it was official, but that’s an important thing to keep in mind.

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We need to understand that goverment bureaucracy has taken sides.

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The majority of career officials in the government agencies you despise most are Republicans. You dont seem to think very highly of your fellow Republicans if you think they all would act like gullible lemmings without any breaking ranks. What other reason would they still be doing thenDemocrats bidding 3 years after losing power like you think they are? Its devoid of logic


Conan: Libs prefer that the three branches of government consist of Dems, Deep State, and Media. Scary.

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Look how Warren trying to intimidate, almost threatening Justice Roberts.

“At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government, does the fact that the chief justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which Republican senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the supreme court, and the constitution?”

Saying unless Roberts support the corrupt state/democrats Roberts is responsible for lack of trust/faith in goverment.

Roberts on other hand tells them to go ■■■■ off would in effect would start to restore some resemblance of trust in goverment.

You see what’s she saying unless to vote one way he will be the problem.


The republicans and their mouthpieces are spouting far more ridiculous and dangerous things, but you are quiet on those. “Mr. Consistent” on government corruption unless it aligns with your views; nah, that’s just called partisan.

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Who told you that story?

It was pretty much 90% liberal to 10% Republican during my 20 years servitude with the feds. Management pretty much was almost entirely liberal. Career? Much higher.

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You worked for nothing?

And don’t receive a nice fat pension now?

Why did you put up with it?

The persecution. It’s incessant.

Guess a little humor is too much for you guys anymore? (servitude)

No, I have no pension a all from the .gov. Did not work enough years to get one and had to cash in what I had under FERS for the adoption. What was left a few years later I cashed out.

Not every person who worked for the feds gets a nice fate stereotypical pension.

NO pension sweetie. You can take your presumptions somewhere else. :upside_down_face:

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Career federal law enforcement were almost entirely liberal? Yeah Im not buying it

Shifting the argument are we?

Name the last Director of the FBI that was a Democrat

Ew. Gross. Congratulations on your liberation from bondage. Standing ovation.

Shifting again? I was speaking of my personal experience. Now we are nit picking it down so your argument sounds better?

Next time maybe be this specific in your first statement so we don’t have to go through this silly little game you are playing.

What’s ew and gross?

I get no cushy pension. You can take your assumptions on to something else.

No. Those are the agencies the OP is worried about. Are you not familiar with his stance regarding wanting those agencies gutted?

It states those agencies only in the OP?