Gov Cuomo still mandating nursing-homes to admit even confirmed COVID-19 people

New York’s nursing homes weren’t allowed to challenge a controversial order to admit patients with the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday — even though it’s been blamed for spreading the deadly disease among residents.

■■■■■■■■■ believable.

I can understand a nursing home not being allowed to remove a resident for being diagnosed with the virus but bringing a sick patient into a nursing home is beyond criminally stupid IMO. They should be housed in some other place…like what Samaritan’s Purse is doing in NYC but dedicated to this situation.

Did you see/hear her speech telling everyone not to worry as late as Mar 3-10 time frame about the Parade?

Creating something over 9,000 hospital beds that went almost entirely unused.

Somehow that’s his fault too.

NYC had so much excess capacity they ended up exporting it.

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Yes. She has really dug her grave on this one IMO. If she’s the expert and people made their decisions based on her professional opinion, she owns a share of NYC’s pandemic problem…period.

I think you are agreeing with me.

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A Cuomo should be looked at for negligent homicide. C Cuomo, his ■■■■■■■ brother almost assaulted a bicyclist while C Cuomo was supposed be at home with the Chinese bat flu. Both these guys are too ■■■■■■■ much.

Frankly with an overabundance of beds, Coumo was probably following orders. To use his own residents as political pawns in trying to check mate the POTUS. Trump saw right through this plot.

NY population - 19.45M
Total deaths - 22,275

Unless my math is wrong, that’s like 1 out of 900 New Yorkers dead of COVID in less than 2 months.

Of and/or with. Yes, New York has had a very rough go.

Also suspected or probable.

What’s your position on the good governor mandating nursing homes to admit ALL residents into nursing homes despite having covid-19 beds available elsewhere?

No chance of that Bro Bo, Sovereign Immunity.

It sounds like if the nursing home can’t provide adequate care and protection then they aren’t forced to accept them. Is that right?
Having said that I’m glad that hasn’t happened at my Mom’s facility. Mistakes happen.

I think you need to re-read that Op-Ed. The bolded statement is exactly what is happening in New York.

This is not the case.

No nursing homes are being forced to accept new patients. They’re just not allowed to kick them out after they test positive.

Check out this article posted today about Cuomo and nursing homes:

Wrong. They were forced to accept them all until the change which only came after a tidal wave of public criticism following public exposure of the policy.

That is completely false. they were forced to take back hospitalized patients who were discharged back to their care while still “hot” and forced to take on new patients that were still to ill to be sent home.

Spend some time reading.

I’ve read it. It doesn’t say what you think it does.

Yes. They were not allowed to kick COVID-positive patients out, after they were sent home from the hospital.

No nursing homes were required to accept new patients.