Gov Cuomo still mandating nursing-homes to admit even confirmed COVID-19 people

Seems like the New York Post is now reporting reason for deep concern involving Gov Cuomo and his health officials indecisive actions.

Backdrop: On March 25th, nursing homes were issued stern guidance by NY health czar Howard Zucker to admit/re-admit any and all people.

And NO matter if they were in fact confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus.

This was despite already announcing on March 23rd that the POTUS already approved the good governor’s requests for hospital beds in NYC including bringing in harbor the USNS Comfort and at the Javits Convention Center.

By early April, Trump even allowed both Javits and the Comfort to take infected patients in too.

Hard to understand why Cuomo did not ultimately divert more patients out of nursing homes, especially once added capacity for COVID-19 cases was in place by Fed.

Why there is not more outrage with Cuomo on this is disturbing to put it mildly…

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I read or heard the number of covid19 deaths is at 3500 for nursing home and senior living residents in New York and thats more then just disturbing, thats criminal if they were forced to remain or be readmitted to these facilities.

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The Post reports that a Brooklyn nursing home that’s seen New York’s greatest number of COVID-related deaths (55, on the latest list) wrote the state Health Department on April 8 to plead for help.

Cobble Hill Health Center CEO Donny Tuchman e-mailed four officials to report that his facility had “over 50 symptomatic patients scattered through the building and almost no gowns” and warned, “There is no way for us to prevent the spread under these conditions.”

The first outbreak was in February and on the other side of the country. Nursing home managers everywhere had a wake up call right then…and right there. What they did from that point forward to protect their occupants and employees is what needs to be examined?


Wow, did not realize that many virus deaths in ny nursing-homes alone estimated to be 3,500 already?

And just saw there are growing concerns death toll within NY nursing-homes may be underestimated:

this will be problematic for a media who is trying to blame trump


While they give kudo’s to and prop up Coumo! :roll_eyes: Leftists are so disgustingly predictable!


oh but of course. hateful hotheaded jackass and his loudmouth jerk cnn brother

leftist dream team

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Seems like Governor Cuomo is up to no good here using NY residents as political weapons.

Would it shock anyone they thought there was a chance Trump would deny at least one of his two requests for both Javits and the Comfort to become covid-19 facilities?

Not much of a stretch to imagine how the left press could then attempt to put the blood of these poor infected victims in NY nursing homes on to Trump’s hands.

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So you don’t think that Coumo has done a reasonable job in addressing the virus outbreak?

He’s done less than Trump to address it in New York.

He does brief better.

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If you ignore it, it didn’t happen. Problem solved.


no that would not be hard to imagine at all as it happens all day every day by them


just like tara reade

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Unfortunately he’s protected by “Sovereign Immunity” so even though it should be criminal the only people who will pay are the dead and suffering along with their families.

It will be reported by CNN as D J Trump’s fault.

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I found this interesting video from Governor Cuomo from March 2 where he has a long discussion on the risks. He notes that seniors and people with debilities are most vulnerable. (8:40) Here are some statements from the video:

In this situation, the facts defeat fear because the reality is reassuring. 7:00
The mortality rate estimated to be about 1.4% . . .The normal flu mortality rate is .6%. 8:20
We have the best health care system in the world. . . We don’t even think it will be as bad as it was in other countries. . .10:25
This is not, so far, something you get through casual contact. It has to be prolonged exposure. -Mayor de Blasio 15:20

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To me that’s far less damning than He, Deblasio, and the NYC DPH flat telling the population not to worry about it because NYC was at extremely low risk so they could all go out and party like 1999 without a care in the world to protect the overall economy and tourist industry in particular which NYC cannot exist without being healthy.

That act alone accounts for well over half, probably at least 3/4 of the infections, suffering, and death based on how effective the “SD” and movement restrictions are showing to be.

They could have even closed the airports and harbors completely to interstate and international airline travel but at they time they were among those who considered such restrictions, harmful, racist, an xenophobic.

Unless dem’s have full control of both houses and keep republicans from calling witnesses to the endless hearings being called for in the name of ''oversight" a great many virtue signalling, blame shifting charlatans are in deep ■■■■■


Thanks for sharing

Cuomo is still pulling the wool over eyes of many here in not limiting nursing home admits to confirmed people testing negative to this virus.

Here in another article he states “that nursing homes are the state’s No. 1 concern.”

And even with these reports and the negative attention brought out on this, still no new directive or amendments are yet made.

Oh I dunno. He (A. Cuomo) got a ton of face time, sniveled and whined about an imminent disaster. The Prez rushed the USNS Comfort out of drydock and mobilized the USA Corps of Engineers to NY.