Gov. Andrew Cuomo: "Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York, Media Ignores Cuomo's Covid Patients in Nursing Homes

Not surpsing coming from a bad gov whose now Trump for the Covid outbreak in New York dispute the fact this same Cuomo who placed covid patients in nursing home centers and blames Euporean travelers for the virus.

Cuomo has never blamed the Chinese gov or referenced the virus as Wuhan nor his gov blamed any travelers who were coming from Asia let alone Wuhan at the height following the holidays in Jan/Dec with Lunar Festivals.

But everything a democrat does wrong its someone else fault. His gov is calling the virus a Euporean Virus. :roll_eyes:

Cuomo could have easily stopped the flights as he is the government of new york but he didn’t. Pretty sure in Feb and April democrats were calling Trump a racist because he decided to stop the flights from China because of the virus.

This is the same Cuomo that allows rioting and protesting as more important over reopening business.

That’s the ultimate in Brass from Coumo…the man who put the infected into nursing homes. :roll_eyes:


You know he and his gov actually blamed Europeans for the virus when many of the trailers were actually from Wuhan why is a dem covering for China’s regime?

Funny thing Russia tried to send to aid to New York he rejected their assistance but gladly accepted assistance from China.


For whatever the weird narrative the media would call anyone racist for just mentioning that some travelers were coming back home to North America from Asia or Wuhan how is saying that a racist thing? No one has being blaming Asians for the virus but Wuhan is the place where the virus came from.

Calling it a Euporean Virus is just wrong.

It’s sad to see the coronavirus being pointed at anybody other than China to be honest. at least that’s my take. Neither Cuomo nor Trump are responsible for a culture that eats bats for god sake. The only thing that could’ve even possibly stopped it was to halt all the planes and if everyone is honest neither side was going to do that.

I had written a new national anthem for the CCP and their culture after contracting their lovely disease. I don’t expect them to use it or for it it to be on any Hallmark cards anytime soon.

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
We â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  eat them all


Cuomo and the other Democrats need to be charged with crimes against humanity.



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Cuomo is lying.

Trump could’ve made his adversary look foolish. Instead, he went another way


Cuomo is a second generation political operative.

This is his only function. He will say anything.

How many would actually believe Cuomo?

Why are the dems blowing up this early in the game? Is Joe still in the basement or out and about on a sniffing tear?

They seem to be spinning.

If Cuomo had placed the 14 day quarantine on all those leaving NY back in February, that he has placed on all of those entering NY today, the United States would not be enduring the negative effects from the virus it is?