Got the Rona.. Again.🙄

stay out of the bars!

If it makes you feel any better, ancient Babylonians believed coughing was the soul’s way of briefly leaving your body to study the universe, before returning with the next inhalation. The Babylonians believed this interaction was necessary for a peaceful afterlife.

It wasn’t until Jonas Z. Cough, the 17th century Puritan minister and scientist, who first named the cough, discovered that it was actually lung gremlins playing cricket that caused us to expel air.

And finally, the only living man over 18 never to have coughed is Clarence Dinwiddie, and he has massive hemorrhoids.

I never lost sense of smell but my sense of taste was definitely affected. It took a good two weeks for that to recover.

I’m working on 8 weeks for both. Ugh.

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I’ve got it too. Had the monoclonal therapy on Wednesday. Being asthmatic, I couldn’t take any chances. The symptoms aren’t bad; runny nose, low grade temp and a slight cough.


Also rinse your mouth out with Listerine. I’ve learned that this virus replicates in your mouth and nasal areas. That’s why you lose your sense of smell and taste. Doing this will slow down the replication, reduce the severity of the symptoms plus possibly not cause you to lose your sense of smell and taste?

Common cold worthy. :wink:

A real man would irrigate his nose with Listerine too. :wink:


Eight weeks, wow! How’s your cough and sore throat. After 4 weeks both the wife and I still have occasional issues there.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:Damn!

Hope you get better soon. Interested to know how it progresses since you are not vaccinated, but did have one of the earlier strains before.

I got sick back late in 2019. Out of work for over a week. Covid wasn’t a thing then. But I still have the cough.

Never had a sore throat. Still have a cough but it is not constant. Just intermittent.

My husband and I had Covid in January 2021 and again the week after this past Christmas. We are not vaccinated. The first go-round was definitely worse than what we just had, which I’m assuming was Omicron (didn’t get a test this time, didn’t see a need; just quarantined). The first time, I lost both my sense of taste and smell, plus had a sore throat, cough, and a daily headache for a week. This time, a fever one day, plus a cough and congestion. No loss of taste or smell and no sore throat this time.

I have had a cough for ten years or more. Maybe I had Rona and didn’t know it. Maybe I have it now. Maybe I need to get tested every day for the rest of my life … :neutral_face:

Nah. :wink: