Got the Rona.. Again.🙄

Been hacking away since Monday, tested negative Tuesday at work, tested again today and was positive. Never had fever etc…just bad cough.

Sorry to hear. Feel better.

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Good luck man. Omicron isn’t supposed to be as dangerous

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Well now I feel better…lmao.

But thx…Just my sense of humor…lol. Was like when I had my first A Fib incident…They give me an EKG, …and the EKG tech says “I’m sorry”…Im like …wait what??? …lol

Yeah sorry. After some reflection, I edited.

Not at all…was funny. Im twisted…trust me…lol

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I didn’t have much if any of a fever either, same with my wife. Only a couple of days of chills, fatigue and body aches for about a week. Relatively severe sore throat and cough early on has significantly diminished but is still slightly lingering into week 4!

I hope all you folks who have contracted Covid, have applied to a Mod to receive your KungFuFlu badge. Like a Purple Heart, you deserve it. :woozy_face:


One time deal. No variant badges. lol


Sorry to hear that.

I hope you get rid of that cough & feel better soon.

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That sucks, I hope you come through alright and quickly. Out of curiosity (no judgement) were you vaccinated or only relying on immunity from your previous bout?

My wife and I have still not completely got rid of the cough.

Still have a slight cough and still can’t smell or taste anything. It’s definitely a weird thing.

Get well soon! Sending well wishes your way.

That badge is genius.

Ever since my last bout, I keep getting the smell of car exhaust fumes. I dont mean like being sensitive to cars on the street, that kind of thing., Happens in buildings, laying in bed etc…its just a phantom smell I get now.

Not vaccinated…not that Im an anti vax nut. Just don’t want to feel sick for the couple days after.

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It’s very strange. Hubby has gotten part of his taste back although he did say at one point coffee almost tasted like cigarette butts to him but is fine now. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I will totally lose it! Nobody messes with my coffee, not even the rona. :joy:

No Oak leaves?


Hope you feel better soon.

Omicron is through the roof in my area, but all the cases I have personal knowledge of have been like a cold or a mild flu.

One case I know of that was unvaccinated had virtually no symptoms. He tested positive at work before he had any symptoms. The only symptom that he developed was a reduced sense of smell that returned normal within a couple of weeks.