Got My Permit Today

for concealed carry

now if i could just buy a gun…they are selling like hotcakes


Congrats :clap:

Good for you.

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Fantastic news! An armed society is a polite society… eventually. :wink:

Eagleman Murica 2

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Unless its just the ■■■■■■■■ that have the guns… :grin:

Move to a non-communist state that doesn’t require extra Big Brother regulation for CC, sheesh!

Oh, and congratulations

What took you so long? :smirk:



Do you have a permit?

Nope…and no desire to have one. Honestly feel sorry for people who are paranoid enough that they feel they need to walk around with a weapon.


is not a concern, is it?

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thanks everyone

with the incomprehensible insanity of eliminating police nowadays, it felt like it was time

It’s an even better time to lobby your state to pass Constitutional Carry laws.



Congrats and welcome. In my state, we have the option to conceal or open carry. I always conceal. I don’t want anyone to know I have a firearm, especially the police.

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With great power comes great responsibility.

Look into some training classes at a local gun shop / range that deals with self defense,

These situations are always dynamic and must be trained for.

Best of luck!

thanks. PA here has open carry but i wouldnt want to do that.


i wondered about that - sounds a good idea

And not trying to be a smartass but if you’re new to firearms, I’d carry a revolver. Just my opinion. A Smith & Wesson snub-nose .38 is perfect. Enough stopping power and a little safer than a semiautomatic.

Congratulations! Good luck accessing one. Is there a range close by to practice?

that doesnt come across as being a smart ass - sounds like good advice worth considering thanks!