Gosh Mueller "lost" the text messages. Just like all the e-mail missing during Obama investigations

You both remind me of a recently banned forumer, and you also remind me of each other.

I hope the goal wasn’t to be so transparent.

In any case, the evidence has been reported in the news.

Yes Trump is a criminal, we already knew that.

I dunno, when the Bush administration “lost” millions of their emails until they were safely on their way out of office, for like three years, you were cool with it even though no one knew then they were ever gonna pop up again sooooo

IRS e-mails lost… Hillary e-mails erased… Over and over.

Hillary’s e-mails led to years of Congressional “investigations”, hearings, and right wing mobs chanting for her to be imprisoned.

Elements of the Trump administration do the exact same thing and it’s barely a blip on the radar because the corruption and criminal behavior is so rampant.

No member of the trump admin had their own server to

Few OP’s are as misinformed as this one.

No, they have been destroyed… ON purpose. I know the left does not care about real justice.

Real justice? Like Flynn bring sentenced today? I’m watching because I like seeing justice in real life