GOP worries it’s losing impeachment fight

Well what we didn’t know about because it was barely reported on at the time-at least not in any major way-is that the House rewrote the rules in 2015 with the clear motivation of making it easier to impeach Hillary Clinton lol. What tangled webs we weave.


And the 116th congress adopted those rules with minor modifications…

This resolution adopts the Rules of the House of Representatives for the 116th Congress. The resolution adopts the rules of the 115th Congress with amendments that include

  • allowing Delegates and the Resident Commissioner to vote in the Committee of the Whole;
  • revising annual ethics training requirements;
  • providing mandatory anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies for House offices;
  • prohibiting Members, officers, and employees of the House from serving as an officer or director of a public company;
  • requiring Members to pay for any discrimination settlements against them;
  • requiring indicted Members to step down from any committee and leadership positions until disposition of the criminal case;
  • reinstating certain provisions of Pay-As-You-Go rules;
  • providing for automatic suspension of the debt limit if the House adopts a budget resolution (Gephardt rule);
  • requiring committee hearings and markups on bills and joint resolutions before floor consideration;
  • revising the rule prohibiting a floor vote on a measure before the third day text is available to require text to be available for 72 hours before a floor vote;
  • excluding measures addressing the War Powers Resolution from “motions to table”;
  • renaming, establishing, or reauthorizing specified congressional committees, commissions, and offices;
  • creating a Consensus Calendar, which provides an alternative path to a floor vote for measures with 290 or more cosponsors;
  • permitting religious headwear in the Hall of the House;
  • authorizing the Speaker to intervene in litigation involving the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act;
  • directing the Office of General Counsel to explore legal options for responding to certain rulemaking by the Department of Agriculture regarding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
    Program requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents;
  • prohibiting nondisclosure agreements from requiring notice or approval for employees to communicate with certain offices or entities, including the Committee on Ethics and the
    Office of Congressional Workplace Rights; and
  • requiring each House office to prominently display a statement of the rights and protections provided to House employees.

The resolution also bans (1) discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, and (2) sexual relationships between Members and committee staff.

H.Res.6 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Adopting the Rules of the House of Representatives for the One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, and for other purposes. | | Library of Congress

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They knew they were in trouble when they could not attack the testimony or character of the recent witnesses. All they could do is follow the Fox News lead and make process arguments. And in a couple of weeks they will feel the heat as these witnesses make their testimony public. And the polls have been pretty steady in showing the growing number of folks (especially independents) who are favoring impeachment AND removal.

Losing? You can’t even name the crime that he’d be impeached for? Hey…look…it’s more Russian collusion…seriously…this time…I mean it…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. .:sunglasses:

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The fear, the panic and desperation is settling in on Trump supporters. :rofl:

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Oh…you’re different? Great…name the impeachable crime?

That’s the purpose of an impeachment inquiry, to determine the articles of impeachment.

Yeah…I know…but it’s only been going on for 3 years…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Actually just over a month…

Yeah…I know…:sunglasses:

Various people and groups assert that U.S. president Donald Trump has engaged in impeachable activity both before and during his presidency,[1][2] and talk of impeachment began before he took office.[3][4] Formal efforts were initiated by representatives Al Green and Brad Sherman, both Democrats, in 2017, the first year of his presidency.

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Gosh, did Trump and supporters protest this much during the Obama administration?

Ahhhhhhh…so this is how you admit you’re wrong again? :sunglasses:

This difference now is impeachable offenses have actually occurred…

You were proven wrong and now…you’re chasing your tail. Have fun. :sunglasses:

Was there ever an impeachment inquiry during the Obama administration?

My understanding the reason(s) for Trump’s impeachment will be published in due course. In the interim, sit back and enjoy.

IOW…just open wide and swallow, then regurgitate like a good l’il sheople…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad.

And it shows

But… I saw Trump on CNN speaking to the… to a bunch of press core people… I assume they were in some detainment and re-education camp somewhere… Speaking as President.

He’s being impeached for using congressionally appropriated defense funds for ukraine - to be used against Russia -as leverage to get the president of Ukraine to investigate the son of his political opponent.

Using tax payer money to advance his political needs.

It’s rather simple really.

I suspect the articles will also contain obstruction of justice which is a very serious crime.

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