Gop to admit quid but not illegal

So this is the argument the gop is going for.not illegal
It’s just so sad and pathetic. Which means this will be the talking point.

First there was no quid… then biden did one… now there was but it’s not illegal…( even though it is)

It’s fun watching the GOP flush their principles for this man.


he didnt ask for anything in return for looking into biden’s nepotistic corruption.


You will never convince the never trumpets.

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Plasmaball, I may disagree with you on that one. We shall see. I think Trump’s Mississippi rally went well tonight.

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Disagree on what

That’s some really bad math

Trump having a good rally in Mississippi is evidence of literally nothing.


Why would a rally full of die hard supporters not go well?..They’ll cheer at anything he says…lol. So it’s not a very good measuring stick…:roll_eyes:

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  1. He didn’t do it

  2. All right he did it but not illegal

  3. So what?

  4. Wash, rinse, repeat


Not really sure what that means but we can impeach Biden immediately after Trump is removed fro office.

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He didn’t make it a condition that they had to make a public statement that they are looking into Biden?

The fact they’re discussing it means they know it happened. How much longer are they gonna lie to the American people?

So long as Donald’s base accepts his lies as gospel they’ll keep spoon feeding them.


Republican have battered wife syndrome.


Lol that Cruz is going with Trump was too ignorant to know what he was doing was wrong. That is a cool new standard.

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WWE Smack down also get good crowds.

Worked with Mueller so why not…dude just insulted your whole family

Congress: Give us a lie we can get behind easier, we’ve tried to deny this for too long.

Trump: No quid pro quo. Say it.

If it was such an OK thing to do or Trump didn’t know it was wrong why the cover up?

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Ah, there it is.

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