GOP subpoena's Comey for private testimony

Sounds like he’s going to take it to court if they try and keep this behind closed doors. More fireworks before the Democratic party takes over the house.

I see they’re going to try and do something with Clinton as well, given it’s their last chance for another dog and pony show.

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From his lawyer:

Sounds like he has something to hide. I never trusted that loser.


Have an open hearing cowards. Your asparagus is about to have aspersions cast on it.

Though if it’s open and Comey says everything is classified I get why they don’t want that, it’s just that they have no credibility.

Those sounds are voices in your head, not the reality of the situation.

Good point. If there’s anything Comey wants to keep out of the public sphere, the WORST place to do that would be a private hearing in front of House Republicans.

That’s a virtual guarantee it will go public, but without attribution or context.

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Does Comey still have security clearance? I can’t seem to find this info anywhere.

Republicans seem to be panicking about what’s approaching in January.

If republicans want to do anything before the new Congress is sworn in, they should open an investigation in Ivanka’s email.

When is Grey Vowdg going to investigate Ivanka? He still has 6 weeks to start.

Yeah, this is their last ditch effort before the official swearing in of the new leadership that officially gives power to the Democrats again.

It smells of desperation. I wonder what these Republicans have been sitting on for the past 2 years?

The Clinton foundation stuff is particularly amusing.

They need something for '19, so I guess claiming Democrats shut down their totally real and totally legit investigation of the Clinton foundation might be what they’re going for.

First question:
1.) did you know Hillary’s server was hacked by the Chinese?

Recalling how frequently he deferred to answer “in an open setting” during his previous testimony, it seems he’s already expressed his preference of setting and the impediment that an open setting interview would provide.

Well since he stated there was an ongoing investigation it seemed fairly simple to understand why he couldnt answer

There was an open investigation into his own preferences and beliefs?

Looking at the transcript, most of those responses had to do with aspects of the ongoing investigation.

He also gave answers during a closed session the last time around, aspects of which were immediately leaked. He seems to feel inaccurately so.

He stated his preference repeatedly and it wasn’t always because there was an open investigation.

Irrepspective of his reasons, the point stands. He has already stated that he won’t answer some questions in an open setting, so the questions should be asked in a classified setting.

Actually there was…you know that whole ig report