GOP splits over the farm bill and dreamers

the freedom caucus demanded a vote on a far right immigration bill,one the moderates had issues with
they demanded the vote or else they would vote against the farm bill even though it had a lot of what the far right demands like work requirements for food stamps.

Ryan and the house leadership refused to cave in to their demands.

and so the farm bill went down in flames.

and now they freedom causus is blaming teh moderates and vice versa

maybe the moderates should work with some dems and get a bipartisan bill and just tell the freedom caucus to go to hell. liek farm bills have traditionally been done.

the gop leadership told teh freedom caucus they could have a vote on their bill in june. then they offered any date after the farm bill vote. the freedom caucus aid no and demanded a vote on their immigration bill first. so they got nothing…

I don’t really like the freedom caucus.