GOP sheriff calls on Obama, Bush: ‘America needs your help’

Well, he hasn’t quite figured it out but he’s getting close.

"It is my strong opinion that the first step in addressing these issues is for you and former President George W. Bush to come together and form a group that travels in the media circuit to show that we can unify and communicate civilly.

“The country needs the two of you to show the American people that our political parties can get along even if opinions differ. We are a great nation with a history of great leaders. The people need to hear from you. America needs your help.”

So, I guessing he’s against “Lock Her Up”, “Kooky Cortez”, “Low Energy Jeb” and “MS-13 Lover Nancy Pelosi”. Or do you think this guy is still for some of Donald Trump’s childish tweets?

So your thread is about coming together but then you express your one-sided, personal view and it’s totally contrary to your thread. I love irony. :sunglasses:

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Well you know, Nancy has nothing but good things to say about Republicans. Lol

Here’s a funny pic. This sheriff just had to tweet this pic during the last presidential election. It’s him burning letters from people asking him not to cast the electoral vote for Trump. I’m sure that didn’t add to any political stress between people there…


And Trump basically said all of the out of work governement workers were Democrats, so he doesn’t care about them.

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Knowing Obama came from Rev. Wrights church of hate, IMO he’s the reason this country is divided and he did it deliberately!

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The illegal immigration problem is more important.

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It’s not like he would support someone too stupid to know what email to use.

There is another picture of him burning the emails in his yard. Google it.

I was wondering if you can think of any issues of racial divisiveness in our country between 1789 and 2008? I suppose not. So your conclusion is that racial division began with Wright and Obama. Remarkable insight!

Fake news can’t keep Obama’s hate out of the history books.

Did he toss his computer in to the fire or wast ink and paper?

Some people in my neck of the woods just pretend that the whole human trafficking and Jim-Crow things ever happened. Or they pretend that it wasn’t the White Supremacists behind both things.

So you all still going to judge an entire church off a 30 second out of context soundbite? You people should really listen to that entire sermon, you might actually learn something.
Those congregates praise and worship God like any other Christian church.

And you’re also wrong, Former President Obama isn’t the reason the country is divided. This country has been slowly doing that long before he came into office.

Yep. This current massive partisanship “started” around 1985. And it had zero to do with Reagan or the Reagan administration. It’s grown into an out of control beast.

I don’t see it that way but we all have our opinions, Farrakhan Sharpton are other bad influences because of their hate.

I agree. You can’t place the blame for division solely on President Obama but…IMO…race relations were at their very best, at any time in our nation’s history and he turned that around. That being said, as far as division goes, Trump and those opposing him are exacerbating ALL DIVISION to a whole new level.

It’s not. It became important in 2016.

Why is it more important NOW than it has been in the last two years?

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Because of politics?