GOP senators rebuke Trump for using 'Wounded Knee' as 'punchline'

"Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), in a string of tweets, said that Trump should go with him to visit tribal lands in South Dakota, where the 1890 massacre took place, adding that the country should “mend our history through reconciliation [and] mutual respect.”

“The Wounded Knee Massacre was one of the darkest moments in our history. It should never be used as a punchline,” Rounds said on Monday.

Asked about Trump’s comments, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), the No. 2 Senate Republican, separately told reporters that he wished Trump “wouldn’t do that.”

“I wish he wouldn’t tweet as much, [as] I’ve said many times in the past. That’s obviously a very sensitive part of our state’s history. So yeah, I wish he’d stay away from it,” Thune told reporters.

The public pushback comes after Trump mocked a video of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) over the weekend and renewed his use of his racially charged nickname for the potential 2020 contender: Pocahontas."

I hate to tell them but “suggesting” stuff to our president isn’t gonna help. He doesn’t care who he offends and will continue to insult people for the rest of his life. President Trump will continue to call Congress person Warren “Pocahontas”.

And, interestingly, evangelicals are okay with it.

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Yep. Mr. Trump is a horrible, disgraceful bastard who doesn’t care who he hurts or insults. They are pissing in the wind here.


Unfortunately, this type of stuff is no longer even surprising coming from Dumpster Donnie. The guy has absolutely no class whatsoever.


Remember how after the election people were saying things like, “it’s gonna be so great to not worry about being so PC all the time!!! Trump just tells it like it is.”?

There ya go.


Trump is an embarrassment.

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Republicans like and support this


I agree.

Republican media promotes it.


Donald Trump really does not seem to care about the native American vote.

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This is a really clear example of how it really IS about the cruelty.

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Why should they rebuke him? This is clearly their supporters.



I just finished re-reading Nathaniel Philbrick’s book on Sitting Bull and Custer “Last Stand.” It follows that whole situation through to the eventual death of Sitting Bull in 1890 and Wounded Knee.

The cruelty inherent in the President’s actions is manifest, both toward Warren and especially the patronizing minimalization of the Wounded Knee massacre.

This is a terrible, terrible human being we have for our President.