GOP primary challenger: Trump is a 'one-man crime wave'

That should be obvious,. It was not a trick statement.

Please dont cry foul on this. Please don’t. Not when trump launched his campaign on a birther field trip. Please don’t.

That is a far different thing than declaring Mueller said Trump was not guilty of any crime.

He said no such thing.

Not guilty is a positive declaration, not a negative one.

That is true.

Thank you for admitting your error.

See? That wasn’t hard.

So you were just chiming in to this thread to let us know that a primary challenge might be about politics?

Thanks, I guess - but I’m pretty sure we all already figured that out.

“The president’s efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful,” "that is largely because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out his orders or accede to his requests.”

Intent to commit is indictable as if it had been successfull. Mueller made it very clear that current DOJ policy says a president cant be indicted and since he was working under DOJ purvue, he had to follow that policy, that isnt hard to understand.

In any case, Trump has 3 things working in his favor. 1. Current DOJ policy. 2. It is common practice for new administrations to not go after former ones. 3. The so called best people he hired were actually more intelligent, less criminally inclined, or were too stupid to carry out illegal orders that he absolutely and unequivocally gave them.

#3 of which explains why there has been record turnover in all of his staff and cabinet. They all quit cause they werent about to face charges themselves for doing something they knew was illegal.

The OP didn’t seem to realize it so much, as it lead him on to his own Trump hate rants. It appeared he believed that the statements by some political hack challenger verified his own biases.

Completely false… Read page 1 of Volume II of Mueller’s report

Everyone already knows.

Donald’s supporters don’t care.

Trump/Pence 2020 - “Like your side’s so innocent?”

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Read it all.
No proof of trumps guilt determined.

Thats a twist. Big names like bush couldnt even come close to trump. The gop field in 2016 ran a full spectrum from rinos to tea party favorites. This chump coming from Massachusetts will be little more than a footnote.

I’m pretty sure the point of the OP was to begin a discussion about the fact that someone has officially announced as a primary challenger to Trump - not to use that candidate’s rhetoric as an appeal to authority.

Not accurate or true at all. Post it again, i promise youll get the same response again.

Sure. NOthing to do with bias confirmation. Thats why the OP says:

"We all know that. He has been dishonest and corrupt his entire business career. Not sure why anyone thought that Donald going into POLITICS was gonna make him honest.

Now, it looks like at least one republican is telling the truth about what’s actually happening."

The OP just wanted us to know someone had entered the race.

Please tell us what this means…

It’s not a twist at all.

All it takes is being able to do a modicum of analytical thinking.

Trump took his name recognition and penchant to say anything outrageous to get attention to nucleate a small lead.

By the time the field was whittled down, he coasted on Americans’ tendency to front-runnerism.

Had it been a smaller field, Trump would have lost.

Politics is not a “Battle Royale”. A larger field actually almost assures a weaker, less popular candidate can win.

I know you won’t get this though.

The idea of Trump as Force of Nature is obviously embedded in your psyche.

“Trump: One Man Crime Wave”

Campaign Slogan Achievement: UNLOCKED

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I take it to mean quite literally what it says:

“The evidence we obtained about the President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that preven us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred. Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

That is they could not determine he committed a crime. Not he committed a crime but we can’t indict him.

And I have to agree with Jay Jay they didn’t decide he was innocent. What prosecutor ever does? But he did not determine Trump committed any crime.