GOP primary challenger: Trump is a 'one-man crime wave'

Yeah. We all know that. He has been dishonest and corrupt his entire business career. Not sure why anyone thought that Donald going into POLITICS was gonna make him honest.

Now, it looks like at least one republican is telling the truth about what’s actually happening. I wonder if others will follow. Maybe in 2 years?

Will be interesting to see if there will be a GOP primary.

I hope there is one. That might actually get me back into voting in the GOP primary.

Hmmm…right after the Mueller investigation and DOJ determined that he was not guilty of any crime.
Could politics be involved?


Have you actually read the Mueller report?


Trump’s Twitter feed gives enough of a synopsis


I don’t think so. I think the people who preach fiscal conservatism, christian/family values, law & order and honor & integrity are all in for Donald Trump.


I wonder - does this guy have a chance to win Iowa maybe - just because most Trump voters may not even realize that the primary is happening or anyone is challenging Trump so they stay home ?

Yes. And the DOJ statement which determines no charges.

If that’s all you gleaned from the Mueller report then our conversation is over and there’s no point in discussing anything with you about it.


Lol 16 candidates ran in 2016 trump came out on top. This kennedy lightweight thinks he can stand toe to toe with trump? Keep dreaming.

they’re ignoring actual happenings.

total waste of time.

The president can’t be indicted. Are you surprised Mueller recommended no charges against the president but stately, quite clearly, that this is a matter for congress?

That had nothing to do with the decision. Nothing. And certainly not by the DOJ.
If that were so, they should have just started out saying the President cannot be indicted so whats the poiint.

Instead, they cited no collusion and stated that it could not be concluded that Trump broke any laws. (No, nor proven that he didn’t either…but that is a negative that can hardly ever be proven)

It was because there were 16 candidates that Trump came out on top.

He would not have won otherwise.

You think him topping 16 people shows some sort of great strength.

It does not…beating 16 was easier than beating a couple would have been.

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Wait, there was a trial? I dont recall legal proceedings regarding Trump on this issue, and the words not guilty sure as hell werent in that report.

Uh, yes, politics will be involved, it’s a primary election?

A man who just declared that he’s primarying Trump in 2020?

Yes. I think its pretty safe to say that “politics” are involved. What was your point?

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Mueller was charged with investigating any crimes that he uncovered in the investigation. No crimes were listed by Trump.