GOP on Ukraine War

Possible candidates answer questions

Ukraine a vital interest?

No: Trump, Desantis, Noem, Ram-y
Yes: Pence, Scott, Christie, Haley


Secure Europe: Trump
Secure Ukraine: Pence, Christie
Deter Russia: Ram-y, Haley
Secure Peace: Desantis

A question was asked about the limits of military aid to which all were non-committal with two notable answers and one general answer

Audit: all
current limit: Desantis
have to talk to putin: Trump
No US Troops: Haley

Regime Change: No-one

The last question was a false premise question that only Pence recognized as such.

I support Ukraine, I support them getting long range weapons, planes and tanks and have supported that since the beginning. I support giving them the DPICM they are asking for. There is only one way the war ends, and that is with Russia out of Ukraine. Ukraine can win and gain peace. There is no scenario by which Russia can “win” the war and there be peace.

Haley is closest to me. Noem likely the furthest away. I’d vote for either.


I will add that I do not think any of them has fleshed out a policy yet. and without intel, they likely should not.

Haley bungled by not answering. She is supposed to be strong on FP. Why not speak on the most pressing FP issue of the day?

I support the Ukraine buying military weapons and equipment from us.


Those declaring Ukraine a “vital” interest would be way down my list.


Ukraine is NOT the most pressing US FP issue of the day. Not by a long shot.


two reasons.

  1. its likely to be about over before the election, or at least decided
  2. situations change, best not to get locked in

lend lease works for me.

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As long as they’re not getting it for free. This isn’t a Taliban charity, after all.


if you read their statements it is not Ukraine per se that is the vital interest, its russia and how supporting ukraine is in our interest vis a vie russia. they are correct

We have no vital or otherwise interest in Ukraine and should have stayed completely out of it.

We are not the world’s policemen nor should we attempt to be.

Brandon and company are slowly but surely pushing us toward war.


i’d give them some too.

for the most part however i think lend lease is better, and that we should be generous about it when it comes to systems that are in permanent storage. they are basically useless for us. they cost us money for nothing, we will never use them, and valuing them at replacement cost is stupid.

wrong, very wrong, and dangerously wrong. ukraine itaelf is insignifficant, russian aggression is not

No equipment such as systems in storage should be handed over.

You never know when we might need them in the future.

unless and until they just supply ukraine what it needs to win… thats possible

we will never need them

I think your outlook is wrong and dangerously wrong myself. We could wind up in a world war over a country that is not of vital interest to us.

The Russian military is clearly too weak to attempt a ww2 style push through europe.

If they can’t defeat Ukraine in a year of fighting they aren’t going to take over europe.


While they’re giving away things for nothing, I need $50,000 to expand and renovate my house. The future-tax payers in this home are blossoming and need to be able to apply their skills.

Never mind, they get $7 eggs and $4 gas while Ukraine, Iran, and the “Taliban” get a combined total of a half trillion dollars in freebies.

'Murica! :us:


You don’t know that. If there’s ever a ww2 style war again every piece of equipment would be valuable.

and we could end up in one if we do not counter russian aggression in europe.

if however they are allowed to win in ukraine, they buy some time before the next special operation.