GOP leaders: We're not inviting Putin to address Congress

It’s obviously a bridge too far for Congress to invite the Russian/Old Communist Spymaster to their house.

For Trump, not so much.

Wait until Trump puts pressure on them. As soon as Putin tells Trump he wants to address Congress, then we’ll start to see opinions change.


I’m sure he’ll be spending most of his time with his flexible buddy obama anyways. Zero’s house is not too far from the russian embassy.

What a weird deflection.

How do you feel about trump bringing a man who murdered UK citizens, shot down an airliner of civilians, murdered dozens of journalists, and invaded a sovereign nation to the white house?

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Doesn’t care. As long as it’s about the gay Muslim Obama, that’s what is important.

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Question is fact that you use Obama to justify Trump being a bad POTUS because you think anyone who does not like Trump loved Obama? I wonder why many Trump supporters do this? Is it because complex issues are taxing on your brain so have too use a binary thought progress?

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I’m gonna be so shocked if this meeting actually comes through. The entire GOP Congress would haaaate to se this happen. It would be a serious black eye on this country.

However, Trump voters will support what Trump wants and will change their minds depending on what Trump thinks. Putin’s coming: MAGA! Putin is not coming: MAGA!

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Hopefully Trump will never bring Obama to the White House ever again.

There isn’t a thing we can do about the past. President Putin is someone on the world stage and in the present he is ours to deal with. A quote by Edwin Markham comes to mind:

He drew a circle that shut me out-
Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle and took him In.

How we take President Putin in may well determine the future. Just a thought–not saying (given the man) it will work.

to me that’s a defeatist attitude. the man leads a country and is an old communist and makes humans disappear and infiltrates our country. we don’t (usually) suck up to or get in bed with those guys.

congress knows all this. they probably hate waking up each morning to see what new stupid ■■■■ our president has done.

Russia is the future of Europe. Russia is the future of the world. America better get ready for not being the only big player on the board.

This is such as an amazing thing to say. We have a country that 7 US Intelligence agencies have determined to have attacked our election process, and now is involved in doing it again in 2018. He murders journalists, politicians and pretty much anyone he doesn’t like- even if its on London’s soil. And you would okay him coming to the White House.

Like I said- the Base will MAGA anything Trump wants.

Here’s a recent list of some of the folks Putin has murdered…

Then why did we pull out of the iran deal? If there is nothing we can do about their past, we might as well work with them about the future…

You can’t be serious. We can’t know who actually killed those people. It could have been a 400 lb guy living in his parents basement, or the guy who killed Seth Rich. The world may never know!

The Iranians are bad people. Can’t trust them.

There’s something different about Russia. When I look at them I think “They can be rationed with.” I don’t know what it is.

True true. And in any event…“Do you think our country is so innocent?”

Under Trump? Absolutely. Donald Trump’s administration is the cleanest and most transparent administration since Jesus was President and Ronald Reagan was his VP. People one hundred years from now are going to think back about the United States and how aliens ruined everything.

This marks the beginning of the GOP pulling support for The President. Now they need to bring Censure!

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That’s funny. :laughing: