GOP Lawmakers Want to Cancel Ice Cream After Ben & Jerry’s Fiasco

Weren’t we just told that conservatives don’t want their religious views involved in government law?

Look who is joining in on the Conservative Cancel train!

Based on the anti-boycott Israel laws in those states, how authoritarian of them :joy:

Israel first!

So a Company decides to pull out of a market… something that they can do for any reason that they want… and the GOP wants to punish them because they don’t like that reason?

This is Wild.

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Cancel culture con style.


Since Ben & Jerry’s have a monopoly on making the best ice cream…

Can we call them a monopoly and use antitrust laws to break them up?


And does a law like that even pass constitutional muster?

Ben and Jerry’s is a subsidiary of Unilever, a British company. Try Blue Bell instead. Better quality, American owned and made in Texas.


They could call it January Meltdown.


And here I thought SCOTUS already ruled on this kind if thing. Amazing.

And unconstitutional.

Equal quality perhaps.

I don’t think it does. There are already cases working their way through the system

I love my ice cream. Never did care for Ben & Jerry’s though and it has nothing to do with their politics. If I like something I won’t let my feelings about their political persuasion stop me from partaking.

agreed, never really liked ben n jerry’s. too many flavors in one cup, too much crap, not enough ice cream. much prefer blue bell


My complaint exactly. Don’t really have a favorite brand at this point. I’m more about the flavors. If I see a flavor I like I grab it, regardless of brand. If we are out and about looking to stop for an ice cream, we will usually drop in to whatever one we happen to come across.

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Cherry Garcia is the bomb though

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Favorite ice cream flavor… Ben or not

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Just came back from the store. Vanilla and chocolate Blue Bell.

Blue Bell isn’t sold in my state☹

how are these laws legal has anyone taken them to SCOTUS?