GOP Lawmakers Want to Cancel Ice Cream After Ben & Jerry’s Fiasco

Hey look more Conservative style “cancel culture”

I also learned that some states have anti-boycott of Israel laws in place…what?

I hope Oklahoma does not miss out on delicious Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

“If Ben & Jerry’s wants to have a meltdown & boycott Israel, OK is ready to respond. Oklahoma has an anti-boycott of Israel law in place,” Lankford wrote on Twitter Wednesday. More than two dozen states have laws opposing boycotts of Israel.

“The Oklahoma Republican urged his state to “immediately block the sale of all #Benandjerrys” to Oklahomans.”

did some law maker in GA try and ban coke cola too?

Nothing says America and Freedom like a law banning boycotts of Israel.



Its wild… :joy:

Mmmm Conservatives Cancel Culture…

What should be Ben & Jerry’s next flavor…

“Conservatives Tears”
“Conservative Cancel Culture”

Any other suggestions?

Maybe “1/6/2021” which contains various types of nuts :rofl:


Do they not get that right wing Evangelicals are not that popular in Israel or with Jews? Evangelicals are always mystified by that because they love and support Israel so much.

Spell the Conservative Cancel Culture with a stylized K and it works even better.


Why must Ben and Jerry’s or, for that matter, ANYONE support Israel?

Do these representatives not realize Ben & Jerry’s wants to find another manner of selling its product in that nation? I thought conservatives supported businesses’ rights to choose their customers.

Or is that just for merchants against same sex marriage and gender transition? B&J’s maneuvers per one targets Jewish customers.

What do they think Ben & Jerry are? Not all Jews support Israel.

Encouraging state wide boycotts is full moron. Will be buying some Chunky Monkey come payday.

How about Pot Meet Kettle for a flavor?

Or Do As I Say and Not As I Do?

Some of these elected representatives are probably OK with businesses that don’t want to serve same sex or transgender celebrations and, dollars to doughnuts, are whining about cancel culture.

I like Conservative Tears.

Candied, salted nuts in vanilla ice cream.

Although 1/6 is a runner up😀


I am serious.

How is no one else blown away by the fact Oklahoma has an actual law banning the boycott of Israel?

And that a conservative politician bragged about that?

He does know that these are prolly fellow Oklahomans who own franchises.

And no more Ben and Jerry’s in the Oklahoma supermarkets.

I bet the local distributor is none too happy.


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Oh I think it’s full moron.

Trying to come up with some actual ice cream flavors for it.

Conservative Tears would have a bitter, salty taste. There would have to be some nuts.

Perhaps Pot Meet Kettle flavor could be a bitter coffee/tea blend.

Maybe Dollars to Doughnuts, as many of these elected representatives are probably OK with Christian merchants choosing their customers, could be green with little pieces of various doughnuts.

How about Whine and Cheese flavor with bitter whiny flavor & a slight hint of aged cheese?


Israel first!

Screw American companies and workers!

Most states (31) have anti BDS laws.

Jerseys only anti BDS law is that state pension plans must divest themselves of BDS companies.


No more ben and Jerry’s stock in the state pension plan.


Politicians should not be able to weaponize the government in such a manner but each of us have the right to vote with our own dollars and who we choose to spend them with?

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So you disagree with anti-BDS laws.


Agreed. People can boycott Ben and Jerry or Chik Fila. Let people decide with their wallet.