GOP Lawmakers Release James Comey's Testimony Transcripts

Originally published at: GOP Lawmakers Release James Comey’s Testimony Transcripts | Sean Hannity

Republican lawmakers released the official transcripts of their high-stakes hearing featuring former FBI boss James Comey Tuesday afternoon; shedding new light on the bureau boss’s “thinking” during Michael Flynn’s initial interview.

House GOP members published the 173-page document online one day after Comey spoke with congressional investigators regarding his role in Hillary Clinton’s botched email investigation and the 2016 election.

“The agents went to interview Flynn to try and understand why the National Security Advisor was making false statements to the Vice President of the United States about his interactions with the Russians during the transition,” Comey said.

“I knew certain classified facts about the nature of [Flynn’s] interactions with the Russians” ahead of the interview, added the former bureau chief; confirming Peter Strzok was present during the meeting.

“I knew that the Vice President was making statements that he attributed to conversations he’d had with Mr. Flynn that were starkly at odds with those classified facts,” said Comey.

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