GOP lawmakers (including Jim Jordan, etc) rip Dems for calling Cohen to testify

It appears that Republican politicians do not want Cohen testifying for all citizens to hear and see. Jim Jordan who is, ironically, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, is going to be the top attack dog for our current chief politician (well, except for Trump’s lawyers) and they will continue to either try to keep info from us or attack investigators/judges/etc.

This whole thing (Mueller and state investigations) is gonna play out like a mob trial. Keep that in mind as you watch it.

“The Democrats’ star witness has admitted to providing intentionally false and misleading testimony to Congress,” Jordan said. “He is also a witness in ongoing law-enforcement matters, including Special Counsel [Robert] Mueller’s probe.”

“When in the minority, Chairman Cummings and the Democrats have often cautioned against such actions,” he added. “Now that Chairman Cummings is in charge, the same standards don’t seem to apply. This makes clear that Chairman Cummings and the Democrats will do whatever it takes to attack this President.”

“For months we’ve heard Democrats [say], ‘Do not have witnesses come in here. You’re going to interfere with the Mueller investigation.’ And I find it just extremely ironic that the very first witness he would call in is someone that is central to … the Mueller investigation,” Meadows said.

“If he’s going to have real oversight, great,” Meadows added. "Let’s have [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein come in and sit right beside Michael Cohen. I have a few questions for him, as well."

It sounds like the objection is to the double standards being applied.

Jim Jordan is one of those people who talk a big game but really don’t do all that much. It makes complete sense as to why he defends Donald Trump so hard.


You realize there’s a difference between interviewing a subject of an investigation (who’s part is complete) and the people conducting the ongoing investigation?

It’s always different.

To bad Jim Jordan has zippo say anymore in who the Democrats call as witnesses, subpoena, and in what venue.

I can’t wait for this hearing and all the ones that follow.

Must See TV.


Poor little snowflake Congresscritters. They had 2 years to take care of business and thus improve their chances of holding on to the House.

They didn’t. Time to pay the piper.

Who cares what gym Jordan thinks?


Jordan is just following the playbook of a good mafia lawyer. Attack the detectives. Attack the investigators. Attack the judges. Attack the police.

You’re right. There’s no difference between the subjects of an investigation and the people conducting the investigation.

The right is always telling us that the subjects are innocent and the investigators are guilty, so I guess that is one difference.


Elections have consequences and I give two ■■■■■ what Jim Jordan’s opinion is on this matter.

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The rs in the House, esp the freedom caucus have lost All their power to drive the r agenda and that’s really hard for them to digest.


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No. The objection is to being treated in a similar manner as they treated Democrats when the held the gavel.