GOP is restricting press coverage of the Impeachment Trial

“Just one camera - and no photographers or audio recorders - will be permitted to document the historic delivery of the articles of impeachment to the Senate.”

What are they afraid the public will see?..You’d think they’d want everyone see how bad the mean Democrats are railroading Trump…

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The Republicans are citing that security is the reason? Hmmmmmmm…Nancy did keep mentioning that this was a matter of national security? I guess Rs believe she is correct?

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Lol, Republicans.


Most transparent administration ever!


And here I was thinking the Nile was a river in Egypt.

With respect to the reputable journalists; they should place an embargo on Republican politicians talking points. Probably the best way would to be turn off the cameras and microphones when the Republicans start on their talking points.


You are not going to miss a thing. It’s going to be on CSPAN and every liberal network until their numbers tank.

You won’t miss a single word.

It’s good for Fox News and Breitbart. They can run “Trump is innocent! Trump is in-impeached!” every day and some people would believe them.

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What about press freedom? I will repeat I have watched more Fox News than ABC (USA), NBS, MSNBC and CNN combined. You can throw PBS in as well.



Yeah security is very important. What if Gaetz and his merry troupe of white guys storm the chamber?


oh look you made it all about race


No i made it about Gaetz. You made it all about race but not before you made it about me.

How very interesting.




How many cameras are needed?

One sounds about right.

Maybe 2 in case the first one has technical difficulties.


All. Words Matter i heard. In fact you just used a phrase to try to point out that words matter in my post.


Were there reporters in that chamber you’re speaking of? What Rs are requiring of reporters is more transparent…wouldn’t you agree?

They need cameras everywhere. One on the grassy knoll. One in the book depository. One in every pot, and two in every garage.

You, me and they holding multiple cameras between our fingers and toes.

Pen cameras, pin cameras, in cameras.

If those articles go to Indo China, I want a camera hidin’ in a bowl of rice, ready to snap a picture of them.

There should be drones swooping in from every direction for aerial shots.

And don’t forget the old timey cameras with a powder keg on top.

Shoe cameras, lapel cameras, bow tie cameras.

It will be camera-derie like you’ve never seen before.

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I am so very, very disappointed that you didn’t mention the need for shoe phones.

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All about the Benjamins.

Contemporaneously, the conversation was cameras. It’s even in the title. Contemporaneously