GOP is doing really well in House elections

Right now it looks very plausible that the split will be 221D-213R , which means only a five vote swing towards Rs would be needed in midterms to recapture the House.

It also likely means any progressive agenda won’t have much of a chance and speakership is in question for Pelosi.

It will certainly make for a interesting mid-term election where historically the party in the WH looses seats in the House. I haven’t looked at who will be running in 2022. But I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that the DNC will be paying a lot of attention to those races.

Not a bad situation. Removing the orange turd from the White House has changed my operational perspective on the House and and Senate.

A closely divided House of Representatives is not a bad thing at all and will keep the left’s goon squad under control. :smile:

It will keep them more focused on the simple task of governing.


Pelosi should lose the speaker position after this election.


Not sure if the progressives will be able to unseat her during the Democrat’s organizational caucus in December.

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We’ve learned the hard way to never question her resilience. Anything is possible.


BTW, I just noticed Democrats clinched their 218th seat and control of the House.

Republicans are currently at 201.

16 seats left to call.

Why? What did she do that was wrong?

Where is the blue wave?


I thought Pelosi said she would be stepping down anyway in 2 years? I could be wrong or are you guys saying she needs to step down before two more years? She won’t, ego thingy they all have especially the permanent fixtures.

So basically with the house so close and very likely the Senate will stay in republican hands at least by one vote and the president democratic with a 6-3 republican Supreme Court which will smack down running by EO’s the only thing likely to get passed will be putting up a road sign.


I don’t remember her saying that, but you are right about the ego. She won’t let the speaker position go as long as she is a member of the House.

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The Dems did a bad job election rigging.


Yep, time for her to go.

She had her time. New blood is needed.

Allan (former pelosi supporter)


if they manage to keep her from getting the votes needed in the dem caucus, the entire gop caucus should vote for her on the floor thus screwing them all over.


Oh my.

THAT is really clever.

2010 and 2020

and the elections in between save 2018

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I am not sure but I don’t think they get a vote.

Same place the red wave is, though the guy screaming about the red wave is getting booted out of office.

REDMAP was very successful

REDMAP v2.0 will probably be just as successful although some of the purple states the GOP controlled have done away with legislature redistricting.

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