GOP fundraiser Broidy under investigation for alleged effort to sell government influence

Remember the conservative that payed over a million dollars in hush money for his playboy mistress to have an abortion since she got pregnant with his child? Also had Michael Cohen produce an NDA agreement between him and his mistress to make sure it stayed quiet…yeah that guy…

Bonus!: Steve Wynn

"As part of the investigation, prosecutors are scrutinizing a plan that Broidy allegedly developed to try to persuade the Trump government to extradite a Chinese dissident back to his home country, a move sought by Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to two of the people.

They are also investigating claims that Broidy sought $75 million from a Malaysian business official if the Justice Department ended its investigation of a development fund run by the Malaysian government. The Malaysian probe has examined the role of the former prime minister in the embezzlement of billions of dollars from the fund."

“As part of their efforts, prosecutors have subpoenaed casino magnate Steve Wynn, the former RNC finance chairman and longtime Trump friend, for copies of records and communications related to Broidy.”

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Man… the pardon pen is going to have to work overtime.

Mike Pence is gonna have to get busy!

The swamp will drown everyone in this country by the time Trump’s four years are up.

Its like every day one of these ■■■■■■■ or another starts getting investigated. Every damned day!

But did he kneel?

He’s not a son of a bitch or a thug.

Start building gallows for these Trumpists and get to stretching necks, lawfully, of course.

This nation will have to deal with these Trumpists, in an almost unprecedented manner, to send the message that their anti-American malfeasance will not be tolerated.


Broidy participated in a scheme to illegally lobby the Trump administration to stop investigating the embezzlement scandal at the 1MDB Malaysian state investment fund, according to charging documents unsealed on Wednesday.

Jho Low, a Malaysian fugitive and the accused mastermind of the 1MDB fraud, initially paid Broidy $6 million to lobby the Justice Department to stop its investigation and promised an additional $75 million if the lobbying succeeded, the filing said. Broidy is charged with conspiring to lobby for a foreign national without registering.

The charges against Broidy were detailed in a criminal information, which often precedes a guilty plea.

for those that might have forgot because 2 years is a long time.

Broidy held a top role on Trump’s presidential inaugural committee and was a deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2017 to early 2018. Then he stepped down and said he had agreed to pay $1.6 million to a former Playboy model who became pregnant during an affair. That agreement was brokered by Trump’s longtime lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, who was also a deputy finance chairman of the RNC.

Why would Cohen broker that payment unless Donald Trump was actually the father?

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It’s a good question. The only thing we know for sure is that all 4 of the republican finance chairman are crooks. For some reason that is not talked about enough…

Because there is so much other crime and maladministration in the news, this stuff barely merits attention.

Relative to Trump, history will beatify Harding.