GOP becoming "Cult-like"

Corker telling like it is. The GOP wants nothing to do with tariffs and trade wars but because they are afraid of election losses they will do his bidding.

GOP Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.) warned on Wednesday that members of his party are becoming “cult-like” in their support of President Trump, pointing to leadership’s unwillingness to challenge the White House on tariffs.

"We are in a strange place. I mean, it’s almost, it’s becoming a cultish thing, isn’t it? And it’s not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of, purportedly, of the same party," Corker told reporters.

Pressed on whether he feels Republicans are currently in a “cult-like situation,” Corker acknowledged that there are some GOP lawmakers who stand up to Trump and it would be “unfair to try to say” that “about every member.”

“[But] is leadership in general not wishing to poke the bear? Absolutely because it’s all about the next election, right?” said Corker, who is retiring after 2018.

It’s a dangerous place we are at in our nation right now.

Corner is right. Conservatives are abandoning their principles and bending knee to Trump because they’re ■■■■ scared of getting a nickname in a tweet.


I’m sorry, but I can’t help but think about Barney Fife when he talks. It just cracks me up. But he’s not wrong. The GOP has sold it’s soul. It’s only a matter of moments before Corker is labeled a RINO or traitor or loser or something like that. No room in the New America for dissent.

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Corker is pissed that Tennesseans are in effect tossing him out on his ear (approval so low he isn’t running) because he doesn’t support our beliefs.


Told ya…

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Yeah he’s already got that moniker. Him and Flake since they aren’t trying to be reelected, and McCain because he’s about to die- are the only real truth tellers in the GOP anymore. They see how sick and diseased their party has become. Most of the other GOP senators agree with them but are too scared to stand up.

Corker is absolutely correct. The party is acting like a cult. So is the base. They no longer even pretend to care about conservatism.

They have become the party of no principles, no spine, and a willingness to place Donald Trump ahead of all things. Ahead of our political norms. Ahead of our Law Enforcement institutions. Ahead of morality. Ahead of ethics. Ahead of what is best for the country.

They are a cancer on this nation. Every last one of them that turns a blind eye to this cancer, out of some cowardly fear of losing their own seat of power. Disgusting.


Corker has an 87% Conservative Rating. So Tennesseans are throwing him out on his ear because they no longer believe in conservatism. They believe in Trumpism. Sounds right. Which is also why there is a real chance that D’s pick up this Senate seat in November.


Things conservatives used to stand for:

  • Reducing the debt
  • Opposing Putin and the kremlin
  • Maintaining healthy and cordial relationships with our western allies.
  • Not praising tinpot dictators
  • Opposing tariffs and open trade wars.
  • Not having sex with porn stars while their wives are pregnant and then paying off porn stars (Moral majority).

Now what Trump says…is conservatism.


Precisely. I can’t call the GOP a conservative party any longer with a straight face. The GOP has pretty much expelled conservatism (with a few notable exceptions like Corker) in lieu of Trumpism.

If you’re a conservative in today’s environment, you pretty much have to look for candidates outside the 2 major parties if you want to vote what you actually believe - at least at the federal level.

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Dems vote how they are told. Jim Jones was a big time bay area democrat…

Thanks for never disappointing…

Could you give me the dems equivalent to Rand Paul? In office…

Elitist snobs (Democrat Party) let Corker in on their parties.

And when they are out…Corker has no parties to go too.

There are a few that can still be honest. Not many though.

Equivalent in what way?

What are the rest lying about?

The only thing that makes sense to me is that when the President gets someone alone, his face opens up to reveal the mother bug who then goes on to replace people’s brains with compliant mush.