GOP Base Is Shrinking

One important difference with Trump…He is working very tirelessly and efficiently at what he campaigned on.

This is almost unheard of.

It is also one of the reasons Obama had such strong support with his voters. He worked very diligently at a administration that held more promise than results…lots of hope…pocket of change. People do respect hard work.

But there is also a difference. When Obama hit a wall he would back off and move on to something else.
Trump tends to double down. His rally speeches are about the same as a couple of years ago. The only major change I have seen is that he has backed off a bit on Mexico paying for the wall.

That’s going be a deal-breaker for me. If Trump doesn’t deliver on Mexico paying for the wall I’m going support a primary opponent for him in 2020.

I wish he would look at a 2 way border crossing fee. Not exactly Mexico paying, but a fair user fee for the security needed.

Make it easy like an EZPass. Call it a toll.

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My thoughts are this article s liberal hype! :roll_eyes:

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Well there will be plenty of indicators come this November. There has been a increase in the discussion about how accurate polls will be in the future and what new methods the pollsters will have to use. There was a lot of speculation before the last general election that the polls would be bogus (based on the greatly reduced use of land lines). Turns out most polls were pretty accurate in predicting the final vote count.
Where they needed tweaking was the demographics.
But one thing that quite a few pollsters agree with is the fact that Trump is doing little to expand his base.
And that could have quite the effect on the mid-terms.

Of course it would be a coup, do you need the definition of treason explained to you so you can see why it would be? Are we at war with Russia?

Doesn’t have to be treason to rise to the level of impeachment.

Tax cuts, lower regs, Jobs, jobs, jobs… Sounds like fake news…

Well, what you said was you couldn’t remember if it wa removed by impeachment or for treason. So I chose one to address. Since it isn’t possible that he committed treason and further, since the only legitimate way to remove a President is impeachment, I answered it would indeed be a coup if he was removed for treason. They can impeach him for anything they like but if the stated reason was treason that would still be a huge problem.

It’ll never happen. Doesn’t sound nearly as sexy as building a wall and forcing Mexico to pay for it. And that’s really all this was - a sexy little tidbit to throw to the rabid masses as rallies.

This must be a copycat of “walk away”?

That was my first reaction, also. An attempt to counter it.

I can’t help but notice how Trump “supporters” are supposed to be emotionally invested, but it’s the virtuous tds posters who actually manifest emotional investment with their inability to focus long enough to read 30 words and understand what it says.

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One of the ways the Russians attacked the Democrats last election was to tell voters that neither party cared about their issue. This was done mainly to black people because they were thought to vote Democrat. So if you could get them to not vote at all it was a win of sorts for the Republican candidate.

This troll walk away movement is the same thing sprung from the fear of lower Republican support in the upcoming election.

Here’s a former Dem who is apologizing to Trump supporters. She’s a bit windy but she’s another person leaving dems.