Google’s website re Corona virus launched

Do I recall naysayers telling us it would take weeks or maybe months. Thanks media for always hoping for the worst. Media bad, orange man good.

This link here?

Obviously Google is full of crap and this page should be taken down. I’m told very sternly that this is nothing like the flu!

Dumbed down for those who don’t know what respiratory means. Nothing wrong with that.

Is google making up their own guidelines?

The CDC recommended 6’ for a safe social distance. Google says 3’.

Not necessarily a big deal but why the inconsistency?

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Trump built the website?

This is nice.

But remember, Trump specifically was talking about the functionality that would allow you to take a questionnaire to assess your risk and then be directed to a testing facility if you were at risk.

That is the functionality that Google was talking about that was in beta testing and would initially only be available for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Trump said it would be launched quickly. Media said he’s wrong - will take weeks or months. OMG = Orange Man Good

So the Trump adminisistrstion had absolutely nothing to do with it whatsoever? That’s what I thought. I fail to see how relaying what a private company is working can be construed as an accomplishment for the government but I guess we need to take whatever we can get

Also that site isnt even close to what Trump said was being built

SixFeet is definitely better.


I see what you did there!

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Even forgetting for a second that it was google that contradicted trump and everyone would have moved on had he not brought it up again his own self.

Trumpletons new hero, Google? :thinking:

Anyway, nice to see.

You don’t think 6’ is panic driven?

Nah, I’m pretty panic-free.


The key word there being like. It’s like the flu, but it IS NOT THE FLU!

I see what you did there…lol

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Glad we all have that sorted out now.

It’s like the flu, right @Samm?

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■■■■ Google

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