GOODBYE NAFTA: New North American Trade Agreement Named ‘USMCA’ | Sean Hannity

Negotiators from the United States and Canada announced a new North American trade agreement over the weekend; officially ending NAFTA and unveiling the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement -better known as the USMCA.

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USMC is the Marines. interesting.

It’s also US, Mexico and Canada (CA). Not real interesting.

Wonder why the didn’t order it US, CA, M?

I think the title “GOODBYE NAFTA, hello TPP re-packaged” would be apt.

It’s more like NAFTA 2.0 than it would be the TPP which involved many more countries.

Here is a good article on the winners and losers.

The U-SCAM agreement, perfect.

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Watching Charles Payne on FBN now about this CHUCHY SCHUMEKY SCHUMER even likes this “DEAL”…

Looks like no one got everything they wanted. And everyone got something .Thats how these deals work.
As long as US Workers are no longer getting displaced by cheap labor costs in Mexico and we here in the states are no longer getting the short end of the stick on selling our products to Mexico and Canada burdened with tariffs while Canada gets to send its stuff here while paying nothing,. I’m good.
Level playing field…Now as long as Canada behaves, we can lift the tariffs off their steel and aluminum, all is well